Entropia Universe Gaming Achievements: Guinness World Records, Investor Successes, And More

| Aug 28, 2017 10:00 AM EDT

Launched in 2003, the virtual worlds of Entropia Universe have grown and expanded, earning both the game and its creator, MindArk, awards and recognition along the way.

Let's take a look at a few of Entropia Universe's achievements.

Most Expensive Virtual Property Purchases

In 2004, Entropia Universe appeared in the Guinness World Records Book when a 22-year-old gamer acquired virtual real estate for $26,500.

In 2009, Crystal Palace Space Station was traded for $330,000.

In 2010 Gamers scrambled to grab a virtual egg worth almost $70,000.

Most Expensive Virtual World Object

The leading virtual worlds platform was also featured in the 2008 edition of the Guinness World Records Book for the record set by Club Neverdie, purchased by Jon "Neverdie" Jacobs for $100,000. Club Neverdie-a space resort populated with shopping malls, spaceship docks, mining biodomes, a nightclub, mega sports stadium, and more-was tagged as the most expensive virtual object.

The purchase helped the brand solidify its claim that Entropia Universe is a viable real cash economy.

World's First $1M Virtual Property

In 2014 Planet Arkadia offered Arkadia Underground Deeds, which afforded players an opportunity to participate in land investment within the Entropia Universe. The Deed allowed players to share in Arkadia Underground revenues with daily dividends.

The deeds were priced at 50 PED (or $5.00) per deed, providing players with the opportunity to invest at a lower entry price.

Entropia Universe is celebrating its 14th year and is still expanding. From its Big Bang moment to its record breaking achievements, we expect more virtual worlds and civilizations to form and evolve, no doubt inspired by Entropia Universe's successful business model.



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