'Batman' #11 Just Goes To Show Why Catwoman Is Never To Be Trusted

17 November 2016, 1:03 pm EST By Cameron Koch Tech Times
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Batman and Catwoman go way, way back. The two have bumped into each other countless times over the years. Sometimes their relationship becomes intimate. Sometimes not. But given all that has transpired between the two characters, you would think the world's greatest detective would know not to trust the master cat burglar at this point. You would be wrong.

Spoilers for Batman #11 below!

This issue begins with Batman chasing down Catwoman for recent crimes. Batman knows he should bring her in for what she's done, but his emotions (or rather Catwoman) get the better of him. That's a mistake Batman is probably going to end up regretting. 

The two eventually make a deal: Catwoman will help Batman kidnap Psycho-Pirate from under the nose of Bane. Then Batman, along with help from a B-team of villains like Bronze Tiger, will take Bane down. 

Simple enough, right? Catwoman infiltrates Bane's heavily fortified base of operations just as Bronze Tiger arranges for a meeting with Bane, claiming to be on the hunt for Batman at the behest of the League of Assassins. Everything appears to be going according to plan, until Catwoman decides the deal isn't to her liking. She exposes Batman's plan and proceeds to slit the throats of Bronze Tiger's teammates Punch and Jewlee. Then she takes down Bronze Tiger. This cat definitely still has claws, it seems.

So why does Catwoman do all this? She tells Bane she needs a clean slate. In exchange for a plane, money and a way to disappear, she promises to tell Bane how to "break the bat." What exactly she's referring to is still unknown, but it can't be good for the Dark Knight.

Yet another classic example of why not to trust Catwoman. Tom King's Batman run thus far has been a bit spotty, but this issue fires on all cylinders thanks to some captivating dialogue between Batman and Catwoman and some beautiful artwork and page layouts from Mikel Janin. Batman and Catwoman bouncing across the rooftops of Gotham and Catwoman's journey through the sewers with The Ventriloquist are stunning to look at, making for and overall great issue. 

Does Catwoman have some other plan up her sleeve? Is she really betraying Batman, or does she have some other motive? That remains to be seen, but it sure makes for an entertaining turn of events. 

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