Top 2016 Smartphones With The Best Camera: iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7, Google Pixel, And More


Gone were the days when the iPhone holds the gold standard for the best camera technology among smartphones. At best, it is merely lumped among the elite, and this is highlighted this year when the device has been relegated several notches down the pecking order.

Here is a list of smartphones with the best camera for 2016. To make things a little interesting, let us begin from the top.

Google Pixel

For us, this Made by Google device is easily the best shooter of all. In a previous story, we have covered the camera performance of this device extensively and found it quite excellent indeed. You may be assured that we are not alone in this sentiment. A benchmark even revealed that the device has beaten the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II in terms of the quality of image output.

If we have to pick one very compelling feature, however, it will have to be the Pixels' extraordinarily large dynamic range. The device is available at the Google Store, but unlocked models are also available at Amazon. 

Samsung Galaxy S7

Following closely behind is Samsung's aging flagship, the Galaxy S7. Its main advantage over rival imaging technologies is that it excels in low-light photography. Of course, this is not to say that everything else is mediocre. This is just another way of saying that this feature is a clear standout especially in this list. So make no mistake, this device can also take excellent shots at daytime.

iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 Plus' main strength rests on its dual camera technology. There are those who actually said that it works like magic by the way it can produce super-detailed shots. Certainly, that claim is valid. The dual camera technology also allows outstanding zoom feature. For those who will ask why the device is so far down this list: it's just that the Pixel and the Galaxy S7 offered sharper and better exposed output.

Huawei P9 Plus

This device is rocking a dual camera technology that is quite unique, thanks to Leica's engineers. If the iPhone 7 Plus used the second camera to beef up its zoom function, Huawei P9 Plus outfitted it with a monochrome lens. As a result, it has the capability to let in more light, resulting in high-quality images.

LG V20

This high-flyer in LG's stable packs a number of features that makes it a really good camera that could take on a DSLR. There is a built-in image stabilization here, and it also has great manual control options. One impressive feature, however, that you really must expect from this device is the quality of videos captured.

Overall, if you want a good and reliable camera, you cannot go wrong with any one of the devices in this list. To optimize your smartphone camera, you can also try looking for the best apps that will complement and enhance the imaging technology.

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