Meet Basslet, The Wearable That Lets You Experience Powerful Bass Anywhere You Go

8 January 2017, 9:50 am EST By Abhijeet Kar Tech Times
The Basslet is the first-ever woofer for the body and can be worn like a wrist watch. The tiny, black box-like wearable does not function like a traditional watch and will release in February.  ( Lofelt | Kickstarter )

The wearable space is inundated with a gamut of fitness trackers and smartwatches that are vying with each other for the consumer's attention. A new wearable is now looking to carve its way in and stand out from the crowd - meet the Basslet.

The Basslet - which is the size of a watch - is the first-ever woofer for the body and is set to usher in a new era for wearables.

The Basslet may look like a wrist watch but it does not tell you the time. It is basically a flat black box that one can wear on their wrist. The watch-like wearable acts as a subwoofer and enables the user to experience music or sound like never before.

"The Basslet is a wearable subwoofer for your body. Using a whole new technology for sound, it delivers the beats and basslines of your music directly to you - so you can literally feel the music. The result is a powerful sound experience that headphones alone cannot provide," notes the company.

For the unfamiliar, Basslet - the brainchild of a German company called Lofelt - raised €599,950 on crowdfunding site Kickstarter in June 2016, thanks to 3720 backers pledging support for the device.

How Does It Work?

One simply needs to attach the dongle to the headphone jack of one's smartphone or music player. Then one simply plugs in the wired headphones. The Basslet itself is worn on the wrist and receives a signal through Bluetooth. The wearable reads the signal and begins to vibrate along with the music's bass. The wearable does not make any noise - other people cannot hear it - and it is through the vibrations of one's wrist that it acts as a subwoofer.

The Basslet has buttons on its side which also act as magnetic charging contacts, which essentially can be deployed to adjust the intensity.


The Basslet houses a transponder that converts the low frequencies of the music into vibrations that could feel like bass.  The Basslet also has a tiny actuator that pulses in time with music and helps provide a localized version of the rhythms that are pushed out by the actual subwoofers.

The Basslet deploys a LoSound engine, which is able to seamlessly recreate "bass frequencies down to 10 Hz." The LoSound engine has frequency response that ranges between 10 Hz to 250 Hz.

The wearable's battery will reportedly support at least 10 hours to 12 hours of charge. The capacity is estimated to slide down to around 6 hours to 7 hours depending on how high the vibrations are.

The Basslet targets music lovers who are on the move, music creators, DJs, as well as gamers and VR buffs.

"Jump into your game and feel the heat of the action as if you're there. Get physical feedback from your environment: punches, explosions, kickback - and more," shares Lofelt.

Release And Price

The Basslet will be available for purchase from Lofelt's website from Feb. 7 and will retail for $199.

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