Le Pro3 And Le S3 Now Available In The US Via Target

11 January 2017, 11:52 am EST By Abhijeet Kar Tech Times
China-based LeEco has ventured into the U.S. market and its Le Pro3 And Le S3 smartphones have finally gone up for sale on Target. The two smartphones can be purchased from the retailer online store.  ( LeMall )

LeEco's foray into the U.S. encountered several delays owing to financial issues, but the Chinese smartphone maker has finally launched its Le Pro3 and Le S3 smartphone.

The two Android-powered handsets are now available for purchase via retailer Target. However, the smartphones will not be sold at Target's physical stores, but its online store.

The company confirmed the Le Pro3 and Le S3's availability on Target through a post on Twitter.

Earlier in November 2016, we reported that LeEco had confirmed that the two handsets would go on sale in the U.S. from Dec. 1, 2016.

The company shared at the time that the Le Pro3 and Le S3 would be available for purchase in the U.S. from Target, Best Buy and Amazon. While the handsets were made available on the promised date on Amazon and Best Buy, Target did not get the two devices - until now.

Prior to LeEco making the 5.5-inch Le Pro3 and the 6-inch Le S3 available via these retailers, the company was only retailing the handsets via its own at the time of launch.

At the time of launch, LeEco confirmed that customers who bought the unlocked Le Pro3 or the Le S3 from Target, Best Buy, LeMall or Amazon, between Nov. 29 and Jan. 5 would get free access to DirecTV Now. This free access would be available for three months.

However, since the Target launch has happened after this window, it is not clear if LeEco will make the free access available to buyers.

While currently, LeEco will not make the smartphones available in physical Target stores across the country, a strong possibility exists that this may change in the near future

One of LeEco's pivotal aims is to create a brand awareness and it would be able to reach this goal by letting consumers have a hands-on feel of the device in physical stores.

The two smartphones are now available for purchase on, the LeEco Le Pro3 has been priced at $399.99 and is available in gold. The Le S3 is for $249.99 and is available in gold and gray.

Both these smartphones are not compatible with CDMA networks, which means that customers will not be use the unlocked handsets on U.S. network operators like AT&T, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular which are GSM. The phones, however, will work on Verizon Wireless and Sprint's networks.

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