PSN Goes Down Once Again, Sony Yet To Reveal Outage Reason

7 February 2017, 10:40 am EST By Andrew Norman Tech Times
PSN users faced a network outage recently which hindered them from logging into their accounts. The PlayStation website reported that the issue had been fixed.  ( Lee Dyer | Flickr )

The PlayStation Network (PSN) was reportedly down for some time on the evening of Feb. 6. The outage was reported by users from all over the U.S.

Users complained that they faced trouble logging into their PSN accounts. These complaints reached the Sony PlayStation team and they acknowledged that there may be some issues plaguing users. The team responded on its official Twitter handle.




What Happened When PSN Went Down

During the network outage, owners of PlayStation were unable to log into their games. This included multiplayer games as well as single player ones. Some applications such as Hulu and Netflix were also reportedly having issues while playing videos.

"Happened right after I updated my system. It won't even accept my email address so I can make a new password. I only have one email address so I don't understand what's happening," reported a Reddit user who was facing an issue while trying to log into his account on PSN.

However, there was a lot of confusion as different users seemed to face different issues during log in. This network issue comes just days after a similar issue occurred on Feb. 2. Most services had remained down during most of that day at the time.

PSN services which were reportedly disrupted by this outage included purchase, download, browse, search, redeem voucher, create account, PlayStation Store, as well as launching of games, applications and online features.

It remains unclear what made the network go down, but the outage caused widespread panic among users.

The PSN website shows that all services are now up and running. So, it seems that whatever the issue was, the PSN team has managed to fix it.

However, players all over the world who own the PS3 or PS4 have expressed their displeasure at such frequent network failures that the PlayStation is encountering.

PlayStation would have to address these issues at some point and improve the quality of its network. 

As of now though, users can access their accounts without any problems and also log into their games but, there is no assurance that the same issue will not arise again.

Photo: Lee Dyer | Flickr

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