Travel Ban In US Should Have Been Delayed, Says Homeland Security Chief

9 February 2017, 7:45 am EST By Amy Gordon Tech Times
John Kelly, the homeland security chief, has revealed that a delay in imposing the immigration ban would have been better. Kelly, however, is in agreement with the Trump administration’s levying the travel ban.  ( Joe Raedle | Getty Images )

John F. Kelly, the homeland security chief on Tuesday acknowledged the fact that the Trump administration has possibly been too hasty in rolling out the travel ban in the U.S.

President Donald Trump's immigration ban, which debarred people from seven Muslim majority countries with a U.S. visa for a 90-day period, has stirred a hornet's nest and the move has been condemned by several Silicon Valley companies as well. Several U.S. judges have blocked the ban levied by the Trump administration.

As reported earlier by Tech Times, a federal judge brought respite for many immigrants by announcing that the immigration ban shall be stalled temporarily.

A Delay Would Have Been Better

The homeland security chief defended the Presidents' ban stating that he expects and earnestly hopes for the Trump administration to win the challenge at the court, so that the ban gets levied on time. According to him, a little delay in execution would have been better.

"I should have delayed it just a bit so that I could talk to members of Congress, particularly to the leadership of committees like this, to prepare them for what was coming," said Kelly to the House Committee.

Kelly feels that the decision taken by the President is constitutional and lawful. At the same time, people who are not in favor of the decree should understand that this was an appropriate and necessary measure by the government to protect its country and facilitate proper governance.

He is in agreement with the Twitter post by President Trump that this ban would stop dangerous people from getting into the country. Per officials, with the protestors and immigrants facing tough times, the situation got worse due to the sudden announcement of the ban.

Even though the ban seemed to be levied successfully in the initial stage, the security chief states that the Trump administration had to step back for some time as things had changed a bit after the federal court declaration.

Mike Pence, the U.S. Vice President, revealed in a talk show that the power to decide accessibility to the U.S. lay with the government.

"it's quite clear the president has the ability to decide who has access to this country," said Pence when discussing the immigration ban.

Kelly has also denied accusations that that officials had misbehaved and inhumanly treated immigrants caught up in the tussle during the ban.

The homeland security chief is of the belief that Americans should feel safe when walking down the street. The sole intention of this ban was to let people move freely and not make fear the status quo like in several parts of the world.

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