REVIEW: Zoom In On The ExoLens Pro, A High-End Lens For Your iPhone 7

19 February 2017, 10:00 am EST By Maricris Francisco Tech Times
If you want to take better shots using your iPhone, try using the ExoLens Pro accessories. The company recently collaborated with lens optics giant ZEISS to come up with three great lenses for your iPhone.   ( Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno | Getty Images )

Are you looking to improve your iPhone photography skills? The iPhone 7's built-in lens is one of the phone's outstanding features, but if you want to take your mobile photography skills to another level, you can add an external lens to your iPhone's existing camera. The ExoLens Pro will be a good place to start.

There are plenty of clip-on accessory lenses that are out in the market today, but the ExoLens Pro system blows them out of the water.

The ExoLens system comes in two parts: the wide-angle lens manufactured by ZEISS and the ExoLens bracket that snaps the lens to your phone. The kit also comes with a cleaning cloth, a carrying pouch and lens covers for protection.

The ExoLens Pro Bracket

A big challenge for this type of phone accessory is the process of putting it on one's iPhone, which is why this works best for people who disdain using cases and screen protectors and prefer to keep their phones in the nude. The mounting bracket design is a little conspicuous, but it does get the job done because the iPhone pushes in through the soft inserts without any problem.

Aside from being a snug fit, the bracket can also be used as a "cold-shoe" mount for attaching an LED panel or a microphone, and as a tripod socket to prevent camera shake.

(Photo : ExoLens)

The ExoLens Optics By ZEISS

The ZEISS brand has a long-standing reputation for producing high-quality — and expensive — lens optics, which is why these accessories will best fit professional photographers. The ExoLens and ZEISS tie-in produced three lenses: the 0.6x wide-angle lens, the 2.0x telephoto lens, and the macro-zoom lens. Both the wide-angle and telephoto lens make use of DSLR "aspherical" lens technology, which you can tell outright from the serious glassware inside the metal barrels.

The 0.6x wide-angle lens is the most popular and useful of the bunch, and adding it to the iPhone 7's built-in lens (28mm wide-angle) will stretch it to 17mm, allowing you to take photos of sweeping landscapes and tall buildings. The lens delivers sharp details right to the edges of the frame and does not cause any visible distortion.

The lenses are very expensive as you might have come to expect from the ZEISS brand, but these are serious photographic tools and are extremely well-built. The bracket frame can be a huge turn-off for those who want something more discreet. The wide-angle lens kit will set you back for $199.95. The telephoto lens kit is priced at $249.95, while the macro lens is at $149.95.

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