Twitter Update Brings Anti-Trolling Measures, You Can Now Mute Specific Words On Timeline

2 March 2017, 7:00 am EST By Samantha Dean Tech Times
The latest Twitter update has brought about changes, which allows the users to mute specific words on their timeline. The company is also working to identify fake or abusive accounts automatically without any report.  ( Bethany Clarke | Getty Images )

Twitter has been working to make the platform better and safer for all users. With so many fake accounts and abusive remarks popping up every now and then, the safety of the users has been a prime concern for the developers since its inception.

The company has been working to implement some major changes which includes features like preventing the creation of fake or abusive accounts, reporting abusive tweets, modifying its search tool to get rid of content and tweets from users who have been blocked. The mentioned features have helped the twitteratis a lot.

After getting such a positive response from the early updates, Twitter has decided to make some more changes in the safety features of the microblogging site.

New Features Brought In By The Update

To make it safer and also to take a strong step against online harassment and cyber bullying, Twitterhas introduced several new features on March 1.

Twitter will strive to recognize abusive behavior even if it has not been reported. It will then proactively limit the functionality of that specific account so that only the followers of that account can see its tweets.

"We're working to identify accounts as they're engaging in abusive behavior, even if this behavior hasn't been reported to us," stated Ed Ho, the vice president of Engineering at Twitter in its official blog.

Ho further elucidates that Twitter will only take the action against those accounts, which the engineers are confident of abusive behavior, based on Twitter's algorithms.  He also states that Twitter will be introducing new filtering options for the benefit of the users.

The users will now have more filtering options for notifications to manage what they want to see from certain type of accounts like those lacking a display picture, unverified phone numbers and e-mail addresses.  According to Ho, this feature was a much requested one by the users.

Apart from increasing filtering options in the notification area, one can now use the mute feature much more extensively. The mute feature prior to the latest update allowed users to get rid of certain phrases, keywords or entire string of conversations from the notifications.

The latest mute update builds on that and now permits users to mute things from one's home timeline and also lets the user decide how long the content will be kept muted. The mute duration can be one day, one week or indefinite.

Communication Is The Key

Ho also promises the Twitter users that from now onwards, the team of Twitter will "improve the transparency and openness" of its reporting process to the world.  The users will be given more support from the Twitter team regarding accounts and tweets that have been reported.

The users will also be notified when the report was received by the support team and what action will be taken based on it. The constant updates will reflect in the users notification tab.

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