'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Launch Trailer Released, Offers A Glimpse Of Tempest

12 March 2017, 2:42 pm EDT By Andrew Norman Tech Times
BioWare has shared the launch trailer of its upcoming game ‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ on the company’s official YouTube channel. The video teases the Tempest and the overall story of the game.  ( Mass Effect | YouTube )

Mass Effect: Andromeda is all set to release in a few days time and gamers around the world are anxious to lay their hands on a copy, so that they can delve into the Mass Effect universe once again.

The fourth installment in the Mass Effect series, Andromeda, will greatly change things within the series. The story for one will not feature Commander Shepard as developer. Why? As developer BioWare feels that it has exploited that aspect of the universe to its fullest.

Information regarding the upcoming title has not been scarce since BioWare has made a point to upload regular videos and updates to keep fans interested in the game. Separate videos have been showcased for each aspect of Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Launch Trailer

The developers have now uploaded the launch trailer on their official YouTube channel. The video is around two minutes long and gives a glimpse of the things to expect from the game.

The main objective of the player is to find a suitable home for humans in the Andromeda galaxy and the trailer showcases the protagonist Ryder, along with his team, searching for that perfect world which would serve as a replacement for Earth.

However, along the way, there will be perils looming around each corner as the trailer goes on to show. The task would not be simple and would take players across vast arrays of worlds.

The launch trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda also showcases the Tempest, which is the Protagonist's space ship. It would perhaps be similar to the Normandy in the earlier titles where the player can catch up with the squad mates and take part in other activities.

The song Human by British singer Rag'n'Bone Man is featured in the background of the trailer, which sets the mood for the intense action-packed clip.

What Do Gamers Think?

It is still uncertain how gamers will react to the title with the drastic changes that BioWare has placed into the game. Some may approve of these changes and others may not.

"Looks great but I miss commander Shepard. Also wish you could have more squad mates," said one user on YouTube after watching the trailer.

"BioWare has said they want to try something new with the series instead of making it a repeat of Shepard's journey with different characters. Just watch, people might be saying that this game is better than Mass Effect 2, I sure hope so," commented another user.

Seems like the jury is still out on this one. Regardless, you can check out the game upon its release on March 21 in the U.S and March 23 in Europe.

Early Access members playing on the PC and Xbox One in Origin and EA, respectively, can get their hands on the demo of the game on March 16 for a limited time of 10 hours.

For now, check out the launch trailer below.

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