Researchers Call For Safer Nursery Products As Injuries Rise Among Kids

13 March 2017, 9:30 am EDT By Steve Bowman Tech Times
A study conducted by Center for Injury Research and Policy has stated that there is a need of safer products for baby nurseries. Consumer products related to kids cause more harm than what meets the eye.  ( Quinn Dombrowski | Flickr )

Nursery products are used daily by parents or caretakers of small children to keep the kids busy and provide them with something entertaining to play with. The injuries which are caused due to these goods are however very alarming.

Researchers from the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children's Hospital have conducted a study on the mishaps which takes place due to nursery products.

Research Analysis

According to the study, in every eight minutes, a child of three years or younger is reported of being getting admitted in the emergency department of a hospital for injury caused due to these nursery products. If one does the calculations right then the numbers add up to near about 66,000 victims every year.

The study has been conducted by researchers taking into account 21 years of data from January 1991 all through December 2011. It was found in that study that during the early time period there was a considerable amount of decline in injuries caused by baby walkers. However, in the last eight years of the study, the number of injuries due to nursery-related products grew substantially to 25 percent.

"We have achieved great success in preventing baby walker-related injuries by improving the design of the product and instituting better safety standards" said Gary Smith, the senior author of the study. Smith is also the director of the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children's Hospital.

He further adds that the researchers are now assertively trying to imply the same strategy it used on baby walkers to nursery products to lessen the number of injuries taking place.

Out of all the nursery related injuries that takes place, baby carriers causes 20 percent injuries, cribs or mattresses causes 19 percent injuries and carriages or strollers causes 17 percent of injuries.

Neraly 88 percent of these injuries take place at home, whereas about 80 percent of them are caused by the child falling down. Head, face, and neck are the most common places where children mostly get hurt.

Considering that the injuries are inflicted on a toddler or baby, the wounds could be deep and serious causing serious concussions and diseases.

Safety Suggestions

Researchers have suggested ways through which parents or caretakers can protect their children from any kind of nursery product-related accident. One just has to follow 4 basic steps to avoid any kind of mishaps.

The first step a parent or a caretaker should take before getting the new product delivered at home is to research about it. One should look online and research extensively about the product to confirm that it is safe and useful for the child. They are many resources available online which can help to ensure your child's safety.

The second safety measure recommended by the researchers is to check online that the product which one wants to buy has been recalled or not. In every two weeks a recall of nursery product takes place in U.S.

The third step is to register the product with the producer of the product. In case the product is recalled, one will be able to immediately notified about the same.

The last step is to read the manual which comes along the product extensively to make sure if the toy is appropriate for the child of that age or size.

Photo: Quinn Dombrowski | Flickr

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