Nintendo Switch: YouTuber Shows Off How To Undock TV Mode

16 March 2017, 6:46 am EDT By Joshua King Tech Times
Users may be facing problems while connecting their Nintendo Switch to an external display. However, there is a temporary hack to the docking problem posed by the Switch.  ( Nintendo )

Nintendo may be striking all the right chords with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild game, but all is not well in its hardware department. Amid complaints that the Nintendo Switch's dock can scratch the system screen, a YouTuber has found a way out.

Users are crying foul over the fact that the Switch's dock is capable of scratching the console screen and YouTuber Switch It Up also feels that connecting the console to an external monitor may be concerning.

"The Nintendo Switch dock has been reported to scratch the bezel of the screen due to its tight fit and hard plastic. While most people are either being very delicate while docking, using screen protectors, or creating DIY "dock socks" out of soft cloth, I also heard people had tried using a USB-Type C extension cable to connect the Switch to the dock without actually docking it," reads the video's description.

Adam Schwartz, of Switch It Up, therefore, has come up with a solution to the problem.

How Can The Switch Be Connected Flawlessly?

Two extra components are required to connect the Nintendo Switch in a roundabout manner to an external display, namely — a USB-C extension cord and a separate stand for the console.

The cable is attached to the dock and then taken to the bottom of the console and the latter is then placed on the stand. The stand's only purpose is to keep the vent flow clear. The Switch's dock itself covered these vents which in turn obstructed the flow from them.

The video recommends the HORI "compact play stand" which is quite cheap and is priced at $13 when bought from Amazon. However, this stand is currently in backorder and can take up to two months to be delivered after the order is placed.

Is It Effective?

The crucial part is connecting the female end of the USB cable to the bottom of the console where the Switch sits. The video instructs to push the end in as far as possible and click it into place, so that it doesn't spring back up.

All that said and done, the connector is still a little wobbly and may just pop out of place once or twice. The fix is apparently inconsistent, because of the wobbly nature of the connector but gamers will have to make do with it until Nintendo officially addresses the problem.

This hack does require an official Nintendo dock, so the video will not be beneficial to gamers looking to hook up their console to multiple displays.

Therefore, the new console has a lot to improve on when it comes to its hardware issues. Hopefully, a permanent solution to this technical flaw will be provided soon, so that gamers can enjoy the complete Nintendo Switch experience smoothly.

The video can be checked out below.

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