Dubai Auction Fetches Record-Breaking $10000 For A Burger

17 March 2017, 7:11 am EDT By Steve Bowman Tech Times
A burger was sold for $10,000 at an auction arranged by a charitable organization in Dubai. This auction was held to raise funds for breast cancer awareness and its free detection.  ( Alper Cugun | Flickr )

An auction was organized in Dubai by a charity organization known as the Pink Caravan, which works towards breast cancer awareness.

Top executives in Dubai collaborated with members of Pink Caravan to create a pink-themed event to raise awareness for breast cancer. This charity event took place in Galleries Lafayette and was attended by many prominent government officials of UAE.

In this auction, burgers were prepared and served before the people in attendance. The proceeds generated by the sale of these burgers would go to Pink Caravan for their work in the field of breast cancer.

Four burgers were prepared and sold during the charity event and the organizers managed to rake in around $29,633 after all of them were sold.

The most astonishing aspect though was that one of the burgers was auctioned off for a whopping $10,000, setting a new world record for being the most expensive burger in the world! In 2015, Pink Caravan auctioned off a burger for $7000.

The $10,000 Burger

Asma Al Fahim, who is the founder of a lifestyle magazine in Dubai called Villa 88, went home with the winning bid of Dh 36,700, which is equivalent to $10,000.

The winning bidder later said that she wanted to help spread breast cancer awareness, as well as aid those afflicted with the disease. This thought prompted her to put in the winning bid for the burger.

She also wanted to honor the memory of former Pink Caravan director Ameera bin Karam, who passed away in a house fire some months ago.

The most-expensive burger in the world was prepared by Russell Impiazzi - the culinary director of Le Gourmet situated in Dubai Galeries Lafayette - who was helped by Shaikh Mohammed Bin Abdullah Al Thani. For the unfamiliar, he is not only the Chairman of the Department of Statistics and Community Development in Sharjah, but also a member of the Qatar Royal family.

The key ingredients of the burger were seven beef patties - representative of the seven emirates in the UAE - cheddar, veal bacon prepared in a saffron brioche bun, as well as Harrisa burger sauce and seven spices.

"Two years ago, we broke the world record by selling one burger for $7,000, and this year we wanted to top that. Of course, all proceeds will go to breast cancer awareness and free detection at an earlier stage," said Shaikh Al Thani.

Pink Caravan will continue organizing charitable events nationwide and its closing function will take place on March 17 in Abu Dhabi.

Shaikh Al Thani also said that he is proud of the fact that citizens in the UAE had the spirit of giving. He thinks that it is the responsibility of every one to participate in events like these, as it is perfect way to support the community.

Photo: Alper Cugun | Flickr

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