Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Debacle Will Not Impact Galaxy S8 Sales

18 March 2017, 8:32 am EDT By Samantha Dean Tech Times
The Samsung Galaxy S8 is slated to launch at the company's "Unpacked" event on March 29. A survey conducted by Fluent reveals that the sales of the Galaxy S8 will not be impacted by the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.  ( Andrew Burton | Getty Images )

Samsung may not have had a very good second half in 2016 owing to the Galaxy Note 7's battery exploding fiasco, which compeled the OEM to withdraw the product.

However, things are pointing in a positive direction for the company as it gears up to launch the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ on March 29.

Whether the Galaxy Note 7 debacle will have an impact on the sales of the company's upcoming flagship has been a debatable topic. In a bid to determine whether the Galaxy Note 7 disaster could affect the Galaxy S8 sales, marketing group Fluent, conducted a survey.

The Survey: What Did It Reveal?

For the survey, Fluent, quizzed more than 1,500 American customers if they were interested in purchasing a Galaxy S8 or not.

Based on the results, 63 percent of the current Samsung smartphone owners said that the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco has not influenced the probability of them purchasing a Galaxy S8 in the near future. Around 14 percent of the Samsung phone owners cited that they still had safety concerns, regarding the upcoming Galaxy S8.

Nearly 46 percent, who had purchased the Galaxy Note 7, revealed that the fiasco won't have an impact on their smartphone purchasing decisions. Moreover, nearly 52 percent refused to believe that the Galaxy Note 7 recall had any negative impact on the company's image.

All these results seem to point in the positive direction for Samsung. However, all does not seem rosy for the company as around 89 percent of iPhone owners stated they will be purchasing the next-gen iPhone. Alarmingly, 58 percent of Samsung smartphone owners are also planning on buying an iPhone instead of a handset from the company.

For those wondering if the arrival of Samsung's AI Bixby has stirred any excitement, around 33 percent surveyed were not bothered about the addition. Interestingly, nearly 37 percent were clueless about Bixby.

Is Samsung Worried?

The company has admitted that the Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion is hard to forget, but it is also hoping that Galaxy S8 will help overcome the painful memory and losses in sale.

Mark Notton, Samsung's head of product management in Europe, is keeping his fingers crossed that the company will be able to close the Galaxy Note 7 chapter forever. He has shared that the A-Series, which was launched at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017, has been doing really well.

The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are set to be unveiled in a few weeks from now and will supposedly hit the U.S. shelves on April 28. With rumored features like a 5.7- inch screen, fingerprint scanner and the Snapdragon 835 processor, the Galaxy S8 is expected to throw the gauntlet to its rivals.

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