Sega Releases 'Sonic Forces' Gameplay Video: Here's What Gamers Are Saying

18 March 2017, 8:39 am EDT By Joshua King Tech Times
Sega has released the first gameplay video of its new game "Sonic Forces." This video has drawn the ire of many gamers, who have called Sonic dated and irrelevant.  ( Vincent Tcheng Chang | Flickr )

"Gotta Go Fast!" This familiar theme song is all set to come back to gaming consoles. Why? As Sega has released the first gameplay footage for its latest Sonic game — Sonic Forces.

The game was previously titled Project Sonic 2017 and features the iconic hedgehog Sonic along with his friends. The video shows the elements and surroundings through which the hedgehog has to traverse.

Who Is Sonic?

For the uninitiated, Sonic is a blue-colored hedgehog who has superpowers and remarkable human tendencies. The hedgehog is able to run at speeds faster than that of sound. This has earned him the moniker Sonic the Hedgehog.

The creature can even curl up into a ball and roll extremely fast to attack enemies. In the video games, Sonic has to race at supersonic speeds through various levels, collect special rings that helps it to power-up, as well as battle a wide array of enemies and cross obstacles to reach his goal.

Sonic's first game was released in 1991, and he has since then attained cult status. Sonic has been added to the Walk of Game along with Mario and Link.

What Does The Gameplay Video Reveal?

The gameplay video from Sega shows the player controlling Sonic, who is rushing through the streets of a town that is under attack in a war. Sonic is seen collecting rings, destroying enemies, and, of course, leaping and jumping all the while.

"Sonic blasts through a city under siege by Death Egg Robot sentinels in this first look at Sonic Forces. Coming this Holiday season to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC!" says the description of the video released by Sega.

The game has a whole new engine dynamics, named The Hedgehog Engine 2.

How Has The Gaming Community Reacted?

There have been mixed reactions to the video with some people being excited and others trolling the game.

"I have no faith that this will be good. The Sonic team needs to understand that pretty graphics won't fix a game if the gameplay is dated and shitty. This type of gameplay was becoming dated around Sonic Adventure 2. It's time for them to reimagine this franchise, or let it die. It's no longer relevant," wrote a Reddit user.

"I just don't understand why they insist on putting a bunch of mechanics in these games that both inhibit movement speed and take away player control," said another user on the same thread.

"Boy, I can't wait for that beauty to come out. It looks like Sonic 06, except it actually successed to be a good game," said a YouTuber.

Platform Support

The game will be released on Microsoft Xbox One, PC, and Sony PlayStation 4.

The gaming world eagerly awaits the arrival of Sonic Forces 2017, and players will be looking forward to play as the adorable, brave hedgehog once again.

Check out the gameplay video below.

Photo: Vincent Tcheng Chang | Flickr

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