AstraZeneca’s Farxiga Drug For Type 2 Diabetes Cuts Heart-Related Complications

20 March 2017, 11:41 pm EDT By Samantha Dean Tech Times
Studies show that the SGLT2-based type 2 diabetes drug helped in the mitigation of heart failure risks. The drug works by removing the excess blood sugar from the body through one's urine.  ( Christopher Furlong | Getty Images )

Diabetes affects more than 400 million people worldwide, out of which type 2 diabetes covers 90 percent.

AstraZeneca, a research-based biopharmaceutical company, presented a study on March 19 which reveals that some SGLT2 based type 2 diabetes drugs reportedly reduced deaths. The study shares that the drugs decreased deaths related to any cause by 51 percent and heart failure hospitalization by 39 percent.

Also called SGLT2 inhibitors, the drugs basically work by eliminating the blood sugar through the urine.

These drugs include the company's Farxiga, Johnson & Johnson's Invokana, and Jardiance from Eli Lilly and Boehringer Ingelheim.

The Study

A real-world study dubbed CVD Real, which was sponsored by AstraZeneca, was conducted to examine the role played by SGLT2 in reducing heart-related deaths, as well as hospitalization. During the study, the researchers scrutinized reports of over 300,000 patients from six different countries.

It was observed that the SGLT2 drugs reduced heart-related deaths and hospitalization cases significantly, when compared to other types of treatments.

This research's findings affirm those from the Empa-Reg Outcome study, which revealed that the administration of Jardiance reduced heart-related hospitalizations by 35 percent.

Since 2015's report of Jardiance reducing heart-related deaths and hospitalization, it was considered as one of the best to treat cardiac complications.

The Empa-Reg Outcome reflected that Jardiance reduced cardiovascular deaths by 38 percent. It also led to a 35 percent decrease in hospitalization due to heart failure .

Jardiance includes a variety of other diabetes treatments such as metformin, as well as DPP-4 inhibitors like Janvia from Merck & Co, and insulin.

The latest study revealed that most patients in America were consuming Invokana, whereas those in Europe were partial to Farxiga when compared to Jardiance. The study revealed that most patients used Farxiga or Invokana and less than 10 percent took Jardiance.

"The fact that the results are remarkably consistent from country to country regardless of which compound predominates, that certainly seems to suggest that it's a class effect," shared Dr. Mikhail Kosiborod, a cardiologist from the Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute in Kansas City.

There is an increased demand for AstraZeneca's Farxiga drug, which resulted in a spike in sales by 70 percent in 2016.The product has been declared one of the best medicines for curing diabetes.

AstraZeneca is expected to hold its own clinical trials to assess the effects of Farxiga in reducing heart ailments. The result is expected to be announced in 2019.

The study was presented at the American College of Cardiology conference.

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