Astronaut Tweets Image Of Ireland From Space: Wishes Everyone Happy St. Patrick's Day

20 March 2017, 10:13 am EDT By Samantha Dean Tech Times
Astronaut Shane Kimbrough, as a sign of celebration, shared an image of Dublin on St. Patrick's Day, which was taken from space. He posted the image taken from space on Twitter.  ( Andrew Burton | Getty Images )

March 17, is a day of celebration and joy for the people of Ireland, as it marks the arrival of St. Patrick's Day. This is celebrated to mark the death anniversary of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. 

While on Earth most people chose to celebrate the day by visiting their local watering hole for a pint of Guinness, guess how the folks at the International Space Station (ISS) celebrated this day?

The astronauts celebrated this day, in their own special way and even shared their joy on Twitter.

How ISS Celebrated St. Patrick's Day

Shane Kimbrough, the commander of ISS and a NASA astronaut, wished everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day by tweeting an image of Ireland taken from space.





The image was originally taken by European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Thomas Pesquet on Jan. 24. The picture taken from space shows Dublin, the capital of Ireland, at night.

Dublin is seen decked up in lights, with the bright glowing M50 motorway snaking its way all around the city. The image was taken 200 miles above the Earth's surface and Dublin city looked like a butterfly or moth from outer space. The photograph looked amazing thanks to the high quality resolution, which helps point out the city streets individually.  

For the unfamiliar, Pesquet has a penchant for capturing images from outer space and is currently on a mission to capture the Pyramids of Egypt. On Feb. 14, he shared a heart-shaped image of a lake, to celebrate Valentine's Day.


Astronauts And Their Celebrations

Apart from capturing images, many astronauts like the Irish-American Candy Coleman in 2011, celebrated St. Patrick's Day by playing an 100-year old Irish flute inside the space station.

In 2013, Chris Hadifield, a Canadian astronaut cum musician, marked the day by recording his own version of "Danny Boy," a traditional Irish song. He wore a green sweater and a bowtie as well.

The ISS, which makes around 15 orbits around the Earth, is supposed to embark on the last leg of its journey and land on the planet by 2020. However, Boeing, the manufacturer of the space station, is in discussions with NASA to extend its lifespan to 2028.

About St. Patricks Day

St. Patricks Day is celebrated throughout Ireland by going for mass and paying homage to the life and legacy of the patron saint of the country. Every individual wears "green" marking the onset of spring. Those who avoid or forget to follow the color code are pinched as a part of the celebrations.

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