New DirecTV Now Customers Get Free HBO For A Year: Here's The Catch

21 March 2017, 6:53 am EDT By Andrew Norman Tech Times
AT&T launched a special promotional offer which would allow new DirecTV Now users access to a free one-year subscription for HBO. However, there is a catch and the offer may not be as enticing as it sounds.  ( Andrew Burton | Getty Images )

AT&T's DirecTV Now, the Internet TV streaming service, went livein November 2016 and was pitched as the revolution in TV viewing. The service looked to enable users to stream their favorite shows or sports directly via the Internet seamlessly.

Needless to say, DirecTV Now had many takers and quickly gained popularity. This in turn led to an overall growth in AT&T's revenue. T-Mobile too joined in on the DirecTV Now bandwagon following its enormous success.

One of the primary reasons why the service has clicked with users is due to the attractive deals and discounts which AT&T keeps offering.

Now, the carrier looking to capture the attention of consumers once again, by launching another enticing offer.

Free HBO For All New Customers?

New customers who are willing to take the AT&T connection for its DirecTV Now service will get a one-year free subscription to HBO. This is currently a $5 per month add-on channel on the streaming network.

"With our HBO offer we're reminding consumers that DIRECTV NOW is the best choice for premium content," said Brad Bentley, EVP - marketing, AT&T Entertainment Group

Any Caveats?

Before you get your hopes up, this offer is valid on only two packages. Unsurprisingly, both these packages are the costliest ones listed on the company's website.

New customers will be able to avail the free HBO offer on certain conditions. The free HBO offer is up for grabs only if the customer subscribes to the Go Big or the Gotta Have It bundles, which are $60 and $70 per month, respectively.

The credit will be applied over three bill cycles. Additionally, if customers also decide to prepay for three months, AT&T will include a free Apple TV set top box for them in the bundle.

The offer is valid till March 30 and those interested can go to AT&T's website and subscribe to the same.

Is The Offer Worth It?

The free HBO offer is great for customers who are interested in the $60 and the $70 bundles. Why? As the Go Big and Gotta Have It bundles offer 100 and 120 channels, respectively.

However, if the customers are happy with the number of channels they are subscribed to currently, it is perhaps better to not upgrade their whole package just to get HBO for free. Considering HBO is a $5 add-on channel, users of lower priced bundles would profit by subscribing to the channel as a standalone, rather than upgrading their existing package.

With DirecTV Now, AT&T managed to pull in 200,000 customers in the first few weeks of its launch. With the latest offer the company may be looking to reignite interest in the streaming service. Whether its marketing gimmick increases subscriptions for DirecTV Now drastically remains to be seen.

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