Colon Cancer: Doctors Stress At Importance Of Screening

21 March 2017, 8:34 am EDT By Amy Gordon Tech Times
Colon cancer can be treated easily upon early detection. However, people avoid regular testing and checkups, through which early detection and diagnosis is possible.  ( Brianna Privett | Flickr )

Colorectal cancer, which is commonly known as silent cancer, is one of the most avoidable cancers among all, revealed doctors during a news conference on Tuesday, March 21.

Specialists from South Nassau Communities Hospital in Oceanside provided helpful tips to everyone about the cancer and how to prevent it. They are hoping that people would pay heed to the warning symptoms and go for screening.

American Cancer Society declared that colorectal cancer stands in the third position as a cause of death related to cancer in the U.S. It generally afflicts people in their 50s.

Dr. Rajiv Datta, medical director of South Nassau Communities Hospital's Gertrude & Louis Feil Cancer Center, said that almost 75 percent cases of colon cancer occur in people who have not suffered from any major medical conditions before.

"Since symptoms of colon cancer often do not appear until the disease has reached later stages, we advocate a regular colonoscopy screening," said Dr. Datta.

What Is Colonoscopy?

Dr. Datta explained that colonoscopy helps doctors scan the inner lining of the large intestine. They use a flexible tube called colonoscope to perform the examination. The tube is about five feet long and moves through the colon. Any kind of unusual presence such as tumors, ulcers can be spotted through the tube.

If a polyp is present, then it can be easily eliminated in the screening process. The exam has helped spot the cancer in early and curable stages in several cases.

It is a fact that if you have polyps then you are at a higher risk for colorectal cancer, and your family members should have gone for a screening.

As a proof of the importance and potentiality of screening, Dr. Datta said that regular screening reduces the chances of dying from colon cancer almost by 33 percent.

Dr. Datta, along with his associate Dr. Robert C. Amajoyi, will introduce one of their patients, a 51-year old mother and teacher named Carline Jason and declare important information about the cancer.

The lady patient announced that when she was 50, in January 2016, her family doctor suggested going for colonoscopy and it saved her life.

Jason did not have any cancer-related family history and was shocked when she was diagnosed with colon cancer. She underwent a robotic surgery at South Nassau Communities Hospital and it cured her of the disease, said her doctor.

The rate of colonoscopy has increased recently, but Amajoyi indicates that more people need to go for regular screening process to be safe from the disease.

When To Start Screening?

People with first-degree relatives, meaning parents or siblings having cancer, should start screening during their 40s. Amajoyi and other specialists suggested that African Americans should screen regularly from the age of 45, as they are more prone to this variant of cancer.

Photo: Brianna Privett | Flickr

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