Can Future AirPods Case Charge iPhone And Apple Watch?

11 April 2017, 9:50 am EDT By Sumit Passary Tech Times
A patent application filed by Apple highlights the possibility of future AirPods case being used as a wireless charging pad. The AirPods case may be used to charge products such as the Apple Watch and iPhone.  ( Apple )

A patent application submitted by Apple in Q3 2016 has surfaced online and highlights the possibility of future AirPods cases acting as portable wireless charging pads for several iDevices.

The patent was published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in end March this year and has now been discovered by Patently Apple.

The USPTO patent, which is a part of 250 Apple patent applications, details the concept design of an upcoming AirPods case. The patent details that this case can be used as a wireless charging device for many Apple's products. This innovation, if it becomes a reality, may prove to be a useful invention for future Apple products.

How Will The AirPods Wireless Charging Case Work?

If Apple succeeds in making a case for AirPods, which doubles as a wireless secondary charging dock for iDevices such as Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPod, it would be quite a gamechanger. This innovation would herald a new era for technology, especially accessories and how wireless charging is perceived.

The patent reveals that Apple has envisaged an AirPods case equipped with a wireless power transmitting component. This component will turn the case into a secondary charging dock, enabling it to charge an additional device from outside, rather than inside.

Apart from iDevices, few of the other products that can potentially be recharged using the case for AirPods include portable video and music players, still and video cameras, portable projection systems, and many more gadgets.

The patent also highlights that future iDevices, and other supported gadgets, may come with an optical or infrared proximity sensor. These sensors will aid the case to determine a gadget's presence.

Apart from these sensors, other methods that may get included to detect the presence of gadget are mechanical interlock, mass sensor, hall-effect sensor, and more.

AirPods Wireless Charging Cases To Have Waterproof Connector

Another noteworthy concept that was unearthed from the huge patent dump was the inclusion of liquid-tight electrical connector in the AirPods case.

In layman terms, the presence of this connector in the AirPods case could make it waterproof. The connector can come with sealed features and mounting flanges to prevent any kind of liquid from entering the case.

"Apple notes that In various embodiments the liquid-tight seal shall be rated between 3 (spraying water) and 6 (powerful water jets) while in some embodiments the liquid-tight seal shall be rated between 4 (splashing water) and 7 (immersion up to 1 meter)," noted Patently Apple.

The iPhone 8 is also rumored to support wireless charging. Whether the new AirPods case makes an appearance alongside the next-gen iPhone in the coming months remains to be seen.

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