'Overwatch Uprising:' Latest Seasonal Event Brings New Skins, PvE Brawl, And More

12 April 2017, 10:50 pm EDT By Sumit Passary Tech Times
Blizzard unveiled its latest season event for Overwatch called 'Uprising.' The event adds a PvE Brawl mode along with 10 new skins and other collectible items.  ( Overwatch | YouTube )

Overwatch, the addictive game from Blizzard Entertainment, seems to always have some tricks up its sleeves to engage gamers. The developers ensure that there is never any lack of content for players.

To entice gamers, the game developers have brought another new event players' way, dubbed Overwatch Uprising.

Earlier in April, Blizzard officially unveiled a short teaser video, which pointed to a new event coming players' way on April 11.

As hinted by the teaser, the event has now been rolled out and brings several new items for gamers, as well as a co-op Brawl.

Overwatch Uprising: What Is It?

The latest content released by Blizzard is similar to the Junkenstein's Revenge Halloween event. Overwatch Uprising is a seasonal event that players have come to expect from the game and primarily introduces balance changes, new skins, and a new four-player PvE brawl.

The event is set seven years prior to the original Overwatch timeline where Tracer, Reinhardt, Mercy, and Torbjörn are sent to King's Row to reclaim the area from Omnics, known as Null Sector.

"Join a strike team of Overwatch agents-including the newest recruit, Tracer-as they undertake a vital mission to stop an omnic uprising in King's Row. Drop into the action and play as one of the four charged with completing this critical objective," states the game's website.

The PvE mode will let players form a team with friends to take on hordes of Omnics in the King's Row map. This time around, the full map will be open for players, rather than them defending a single section.

Apart from the four player co-op mode, the event also adds a plethora of skins for characters. These skins can be unlocked either by using in-game currency or by buying the loot boxes, which are available on the Overwatch website. There are 10 skins in total for the characters as part of the Uprising event.

The skins are: Sector Bastion, Blackwatch Genji, Blackwatch McCree, Combat Medic Ziegler Mercy, Null Sector Orisa, Lieutenant Wilhelm Reinhardt, Chief Engineer Lindholm Torbjörn, Ironclad Torbjörn, Talon, and Cadet Oxton Tracer.

Uprising Causing Blizzard Server Issues?

After the event went live, millions of players from all over the world rushed to take part. This may have caused servers to be overburdened and go offline. However, Blizzard acknowledged the issue and the developer fixed the problems. The servers are now back online.

The Overwatch Uprising event will last till May 1. Those interested should hurry and ensure that they collect as many new skins and items on offer. Gamers who do not own a copy of the game can buy it from the website.

Check out the video below, which showcases the ongoing event.


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