Google Home: Multi-User Support Coming Soon To The Smart Speaker?

13 April 2017, 8:48 am EDT By Sumit Passary Tech Times
The Google Home smart speaker could soon benefit from multi-user support. Google erroneously showed users of the smart speakers a message that the feature was available for use.  ( Google )

Google Home owners could soon be able to access a new functionality on the smart home speaker. The connected speaker may benefit from multi-user support if a new message from the company is to be believed.

With smart speakers getting more intelligent, the company is leaving no stone unturned to beef up its Google Home.

Google Assistant, which powers the speaker, is not as efficient and capable as the one housed in Android smartphones. However, a recent update message from developers has stirred excitement among Google Home users.

The message revealed that the smart speaker would now support multi-user functionality. However, the feature is yet to make its way to Google Home speakers.

Google Home Getting Multi-User Support?

Google Home users received a message, which read "multiple users now supported." The message appeared in the "Discover" tab of the Google Home app.

"Now, you and others in your home can get a personalized experience from your Assistant on your Google Home," read the message.

However, even though the message noted that the functionality was available, Google Home users did not benefit from the same, which has left them confused.

The excitement was short-lived as Google removed the message. This move suggests that multiple user support for Google Home will not be coming any time soon. It appears that the message was sent out erroneously by the company, which will disappoint the device's users.

Why Google Home Users Want Multi-User Support

Multiple user support would be a highly useful feature if and when it hits the speakers. It would not only let several users access Google Home at once, but is expected to unlock several other interesting functionalities as well.

For instance, this update would allow the speaker to finally authenticate users and give them access to their personal Google data. Authentication would enable Google Home to perform standard tasks such as setting reminders, taking notes, and creating calendar events. Currently, if one asks the Google Home to perform a task involving personal data, it merely responds with a "I can't do that yet."

Once the Google Home gets multi-user support, the speaker would be able to recognize and distinguish between the voices of different users to identify who is issuing the commands. For this aspect, the "trusted voice" settings which are already available in Android smartphones may be integrated into the smart speaker as well.

Moreover, multiple user support would give the Google speaker an edge over the Amazon Echo, which currently supports single user authentication. However, Amazon too is rumored to be working on a similar feature for the Echo.

Although, the message regarding multi-user support was sent out by mistake, a possibility exists that Google is working on integrating such technology into Google Home in not-so-distant future.

Earlier in March, it was reported that Google Home may bring multi-user support, which would roll out in the coming days.

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