Apple's iWork, iMovie, And GarageBand Apps Available For Free On iOS And MacOS

19 April 2017, 6:45 am EDT By Sumit Passary Tech Times
Apple announced that the iWork and iLive apps will be free for all iOS and macOS users. Previously, the apps were only free for Apple hardware that released post 2013 and older device owners had to purchase them.  ( Justin Sullivan | Getty Images )

Apple's iWork and iLife app suites have been free on new Apple hardware sold from 2013 onward. However, users of the old macOS and iOS devices had to purchase these apps.

On Tuesday, April 18, Apple announced that it would make the iWork, iMovie, and GarageBand apps free for all iOS and macOS users, regardless of old or new hardware.

Free iWork And iLife Apps For All Apple Users

This update from the company would please users of older hardware-powered Apple devices as they will no longer be required to purchase the apps.

Until this update, older iOS hardware users had to purchase both iMovie and GarageBand for $4.99, which are part of the iLife suite. Similarly, Pages, Keynote, and Numbers — which are a part of the iWork suite — bore a price tag of $9.99 each for new customers owning old devices.

In case of older macOS hardware users, iMovie had to be purchased for $14.99, while GarageBand set them back by $4.99. The Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for macOS users were priced at $19.99 each.

However, for all iOS and Mac devices sold from 2013 both the iLife and iWork suites were available as a free download. Apple either bundled these apps or made it available for no cost to new hardware owners. These devices also received free updates and users also had the ability to re-download the versions for free.

This caused some confusion among users as many did not understand why the company had two types of pricing for the identical apps on the same platform.

The support document from Apple notes that making these apps available for free will encourage corporate sectors and educational institutions to integrate and use the iWork suite through the Volume Purchase Program.

Why Make iWork, iMovie, And GarageBand Apps Free?

Although the update does not bring new features to these apps and only changes the pricing structure, this move is being seen by many as an indication that Apple will stop supporting 32-bit apps after iOS 11 is launched. Therefore, Apple may subtly be preventing users from paying for apps, which may soon no longer work on the 64-bit system.

However, the fact that iWork and iLife suites are now free for iOS and macOS users without any exceptions is a welcome change.

At the time of writing, the iWork page had not been updated to reflect the changes. It read that consumers would be eligible to download Numbers, Keynote, and Pages only after they purchased the compatible iOS or Mac device.

"Pages for iOS, Numbers for iOS, and Keynote for iOS are free on the App Store for qualifying iOS 10-compatible devices with initial activation on or after September 1, 2013. Downloading apps requires an Apple ID. Pages for Mac, Numbers for Mac, and Keynote for Mac are free on the Mac App Store for qualifying Mac computers purchased on or after October 1, 2013. macOS Sierra required," noted the fine print in the iWork page.

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