OneDrive Sync Issue Affects Windows Phone Users: Microsoft Working On A Fix

20 April 2017, 1:54 am EDT By Sumit Passary Tech Times
OneNote users deploying Windows Phones encountered a syncing issue with Microsoft’s cloud storage system OneDrive over the past one week. Microsoft acknowledged the issue and stated that it will roll out a fix soon.  ( OneNote )

Users of Microsoft's OneNote who own a Windows Phone have been facing quite a bit of a trouble over the past week. The digital note-taking app is experiencing a syncing issue with Microsoft's cloud service OneDrive.

Cloud storage systems such as Microsoft's OneDrive are a blessing for tech enthusiasts. However, a syncing issue could render the user helpless.

Microsoft has acknowledged the problem and shared that it is working toward fixing the syncing issue.

OneNote Syncing Issue With OneDrive

For the past week, OneNote users worldwide have been experiencing syncing issues with OneDrive. Windows Phone users were unable to upload documents to the cloud and encountered the error code 80070005. OneNote users were also greeted with the message "You don't have permission to edit this file and the sync has stopped. Contact the owner."

Irate users took to Microsoft's support forums to express their concern.

"The full message is 'We can't upload your document to OneDrive right now. Please try again later.' Occasionally, it would get this message because there was a conflict between phone and OneDrive so I would rename the file and save it. However, this time, I can't save anything to OneDrive from my phone. The problem started about a week ago," complained HarryS-NJ, a OneNote user.

In another thread, a user noted that his Lumia 930 is also facing the same issue and preventing him from accessing files on OneDrive. The user mentioned that his Microsoft Lumia 930 works on the Windows Phone 8.1 and cannot be upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile.

"I can't access my One Drive files anymore. The message is 'You don't have permission to download this file. For help try contacting the person who manages this site' Can anyone help please? My Windows phone is useless to me if I can no longer access my files and sync to One Drive documents!" noted the user.

Microsoft's Working On A Fix?

Microsoft acknowledged the syncing problem on its support forum and shared that it is working on resolving the issue.

The company shared that the OneDrive sync problem was isolated to Windows Phones 8.1 and started sometime around the week of April 10.

Microsoft revealed that it was able to identify the root cause behind the interruption of the sync feature between OneNote and OneDrive. However, it did not disclose additional details on the same. The company did not divulge when a fix would be pushed out.

The Redmond-based company noted that till the time a fix is rolled out, OneNote users' personal Office documents, which they access with their Microsoft account, will not sync with their OneDrive account. For the unfamiliar, a Microsoft account is the email address one uses to log-in to Skype, Xbox,, and OneDrive.

However, school- and work-related documents and data that are accessed via work or school accounts will not be impacted.

"We'll update this page with a workaround or a fix as we know more," stated Microsoft in its official support page.

Update: OneDrive users have shared that the issue has been fixed and they can sync files without any hassles.

"Apparently they fixed he problem. I can open and synchronize OneNote and Word documents from my 8.1 Nokia 520 again today," shared a user on April 19.

However, currently, Microsoft's support notes do not reflect this change.

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