Google Pixel And Pixel XL Users Complain Of Backup Issues

21 April 2017, 6:46 am EDT By Sumit Passary Tech Times
Google Pixel and Pixel XL users reported they were unable to backup files. A Google employee stated that the problem was being looked into, which suggests that the issue may be resolved soon.  ( Spencer Platt | Getty Images )

Google's flagship smartphones of 2016 — the Google Pixel and Pixel XL — are immensely popular with consumers. However, the two smartphones have encountered their share of problems and user complaints.

A new report by some customers establishes that both devices face issues when it comes to backing up user data, including messages, pictures, and apps.

Google Smartphones Backup Issues

A Reddit user first noticed the problem in November 2016. He posted a screenshot of his Google Pixel's backup screen, which revealed that his SMS showed the status as "waiting to back up".

"I've noticed in back up settings SMS seems to be waiting for something but I can't find a setting to change this?" said the redditor "belloni1234."

Following the revelation, other users also began checking their Google Pixel and Pixel XL handsets and several people noticed similar "waiting to back up" messages as well. The issue has remained unresolved for many users since it first cropped up.

However, Google's own support specialists faced the same issue and acknowledged the backup problem on the Pixel User Community page.

"Thanks for letting us know about issue. I'm also seeing the same thing on my end, so I'll get this in front of the proper people to look into," stated the Google employee.

This admission may finally mean some respite for users who have been facing this issue since late last year.

How To Check For The Problem?

Many users may be unaware that the backup issue plagues their Google Pixel and Pixel XL devices. Therefore it is advisable that one checks their Google Pixel or Pixel XL smartphone manually.

To check for the issue, one can go to the Settings screen and from there navigate to Backup and Reset. After this, select the Backup option and check out all the listed items under the Contents section. Check to see if any of those show the "waiting to back up" message.

Google Pixel And Pixel XL: Previous Issues

In April, Google Pixel owners reported that they faced issues with the device's fingerprint scanner after installing the Android 7.1.2 Nougat update. Users reported that while trying to unlock their handset through the fingerprint sensor, they were greeted with a message saying "Fingerprint hardware not available."

Both the Google smartphones also suffered from microphone issues as well. Some users reported that audio input got disabled frequently in the devices. Google stated that this particular issue was a hardware one and could not be resolved through software updates.

The latest backup problem plaguing Google's flagship smartphones may soon be resolved as the company is actively looking into the issue. Google, however, did not disclose by when a fix would be made available.

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