Google Updates Chrome For Android App: Here's Whats New

26 April 2017, 10:01 pm EDT By Steve Bowman Tech Times
Google released a new update for its web browser Google Chrome. The new update called Chrome 58 would enhance the performance of the browser and fix certain stability issues.  ( Google )

Google has rolled out an update for its Chrome for Android web browser. This new version — dubbed Chrome 58 ­— is more stable than its predecessor Chrome 57 and will be available for download on the Play Store in the coming week.

The new Chrome version's release was announced on April 25 and Google shared that it was pushed out only after thorough testing in the beta channel. Although the new edition of Chrome doesn't come with any major changes or features, it fixes the operability issues the browser was facing after the last update.

Chrome 58: New Features

The new update for Chrome will take the Google browser from Chrome 57 to Chrome 58 with build number 58.0.3029.83. Google stated that the update will be available "over the course of the next week."

"This release contains performance and stability fixes, as well as a few new features," Google's Alex Mineer stated.

The features that will be introduced with the new Chrome 58 update are detailed below.

Google Chrome users will be able to view and manage ongoing downloads. They would be able to do so directly from the "Downloads Page" of the browser. Post the update, the redesigned "History Page" on the browser will facilitate easier viewing and deletion of browsing data.

The developers have also incorporated a new gesture for the ease of users. Chrome users will simply have to long-press a link to open it in a new tab. This will have to be done from the Chrome Custom Tabs.

Google shared that there are many more changes the new build brings users' way. These are detailed in the Google Git log.

In the event a user comes across a bug in the new update, they can report the same to Google by clicking on this link and filing the complaint.

Chrome 57 Update

Prior to the Chrome 58 update, Google released the Chrome 57 update on April 20. The Chrome 57 update brought changes to the functioning and design of the browser, as well as bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Chrome 57 came with new features like "Find The Page" actions, which were available in the web pages of the apps that used Google Chrome. It also brought the option to use frequently-visited web search engines as the user's default search engine. Post the Chrome 57 update, users also received real-time physical web suggestions on the browser's address bar. These suggestions were based on the user's surroundings.

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