Don't Remember Where You Parked Your Car? Google Maps Can Help

26 April 2017, 10:02 pm EDT By Andrew Norman Tech Times
Google announced a new feature for its Google Maps where users can now locate their parked cars using the app. The feature lets users save the parked location to find the vehicle later.  ( Google Blog )

Earlier in March, Google removed the "Save Your Parking" functionality, which was introduced in Google Maps' beta version, from the app. The nifty feature enabled drivers to easily locate where their car was parked. At that juncture it was construed that the feature was still under development and would make a comeback soon.

On Tuesday, April 25, Google announced that the functionality would no longer be limited to beta users. The feature has been rolled out to all iOS and Android devices.

Google Maps Now Remembers The Parking Spot

Remembering parking spots can sometimes be difficult for people and in such cases, owners have no option but to manually search for their vehicles. Google, however, looks to change things and make the location of the parked car simpler. The car parking location feature in Google Maps will save the exact parking spot for users and provide them with the details when required.

"Now, Google Maps for Android and iOS will not only help you get where you're going, but it'll help you remember where you parked once you've arrived," Google shares in a blog post.

New Feature On Android

The functioning of the feature, however, will differ in the iOS and Android versions of the Google Maps app. Android users need to tap on the blue dot and select "Save your parking" to add the parking location to the map. After the location is saved a small icon will appear on the map, indicating the parking spot.

While setting the location, users will be able to set reminders about paying parking meters, click a picture of the parking space, and share the location with others. They can also add notes to aid them in locating the vehicle.

Google Map Parking For iOS

For iOS users, the parking location feature functions similarly, barring some minor changes. If the user's smartphone is connected with the car via USB or Bluetooth, Google Maps will automatically set the parking location of the vehicle once the phone is disconnected from the car. This added functionality would allow users to avoid manually setting the location of the parked cars as in the Android version.

The final rollout of this feature would delight car owners who have trouble locating their parking spaces. It remains to be seen what other future enhancements Google brings to its navigation app. One can download the updated app for iOS and Android and peruse the handy parking location feature once it is made available.

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