Google Updates Maps App: Here's How It Can Show You Where Exactly You Are

16 May 2017, 9:17 am EDT By Andrew Norman Tech Times
Google introduced Street View Images in Maps' latest update. Post the update, a user would be able to see the street images, as well as the correct turns one needs to take to reach their desired destination.  ( Justin Sullivan | Getty Images )

Google has rolled out the version 9.52.2 update for its Map app. In the last few days, Maps users may have noticed quite a few changes in the design and functionality of the handy app. One of the major changes that were incorporated in the app was the inclusion of Street View Images in the Maps interface.

The Street View Images, although not a big change in terms of design, will help users unfamiliar with an area reach their destination without many detours. Moreover, people who are traveling to a particular locale for the first time will find it simpler to figure out major intersections or crossings.

Street View Images For Google Maps

This is not the first time Street View Images has been included in the Maps interface. The feature was introduced in Maps for the first time in 2008, but for the web version of the app. The new update for Maps will show a user the direction one needs to follow to reach their desired destination. The directions will be shown in the form of arrows on Street View Images.

After Google Maps is updated to its latest version, once the user has keyed in their current location and the destination, the app will reflect thumbnails from Street View at every turn. To configure each correct turn, the user has to tap the thumbnail image of the Street View list to open up a 360-degree view of the road and the turns.

Google also ensures that the point of view in the images is correct and does not misdirect the user. The image's orientation is in line with the user's direction.

Google Maps Street View Images Limitations

The biggest drawback of this feature is that the images won't be available while an individual is using navigation. The images are available only after the user has entered the destination and before he or she starts the navigation. Although the image showing the turn is helpful, it would have been handy if it was available while driving.

Google Maps Update: Other Changes

Apart from the Street View Image inclusion, the other major change that took place in the design of the app is integration of a new bottom bar. This new bottom bar displays contextual activities and sports a button on the right.

Although the bar takes up more space than before, it substitutes the Floating Action Button on the screen. However, these changes appear to have been rolled out in batches as limited users have seen them. On the other hand, the Street View Images can be seen in new and old Maps going back till version 9.51.1

The bottom bar, however, is reportedly limited to version 9.52.0 and above. The update is currently being rolled out for Android users on the Play Store.

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