Do You Think Your Good Looks Makes You Attractive? Your Scent And Voice Are Also Responsible

19 May 2017, 9:56 am EDT By Steve Bowman Tech Times
A study revealed that the scent and voice of an individual were just as important as their looks and physique for them to be attractive to others. Voice and smell of an individual also offered a glimpse into their personality.  ( Sasha | Getty Images )

It is a common misconception that partners are primarily attracted to each other's faces and bodies. While these are vital aspects that draw one toward another person, scientists say they are not the only factors which influence attraction.

In a new review, researchers claim that an individual's attractiveness is also based on their scent and voice quality, as it is on their face and physique.

Attraction Stems From Voice Quality And Scent?

Scientists say that most studies revolving around attractiveness usually focus on the physical appeal of the individual, such as their face and body.

"However, literature about other senses and their role in social relations has grown rapidly and should not be neglected," Agata Groyecka, lead author of the review and a researcher at the University of Wroclaw, Poland, explained.

Groyecka added that while noticing the beauty of a person, the individual's ears and nose are just as important as their eyes. So, it is unsurprising that people are generally not attracted toward individuals who give off a strong body odor or have an indistinct voice, even though the same person may have a beautiful face and an attractive body.

"In contrast to other senses (taste and touch), people can form first impressions of others based on their visual appearance, voice or smell even at some distance, without engaging the person's will or awareness," Groyecka notes.

How Was The Research Conducted?

To study how the voice and scent affects attractiveness, Groyecka and her team analyzed data from previous studies of a similar nature. They went through almost 30 years' worth of data to arrive at the final results. The researchers were able to determine how people use voice and scent to ascertain an individual's personality and traits.

For instance, one's voice helps in determining the gender and offers clues about the person's age However, subjects were also able to predict the person's emotional state, cooperativeness, dominance, and even guess the speaker's body size just from their voice.

The sense of smell also reflected similar abilities. Through the scent of an individual, the subjects were able to form a mental outline of that person. Smell, when combined with sight offers a very important sense to determine the general attractiveness of a person.

The researchers claimed that attractiveness stemming from voice and scent were not just an important aspect in forming romantic relationships, but also affected friendships and even professional relations. Groyecka asserted that more research needs to be done to establish or quantify the role one's nose and ears play in determining their relationships.

The review was published in the journal Frontiers of Psychology on Thursday, May 18.

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