'Days Gone:' Here's The New Gameplay Footage Of Sony's Zombie Survival Game

14 June 2017, 7:02 am EDT By Andrew Norman Tech Times
Sony revealed a seven-minute-long gameplay footage of "Days Gone." The video showed off the mechanics such as combat and stealth, as well as gave a peek into how various diversionary tactics could be used to progress.  ( Days Gone | YouTube )

Sony's PlayStation 4 exclusive title Days Gone was unveiled back in E3 2016, but not much information regarding the game was revealed at the time. All fans got to know was that it was set in a post-zombie apocalypse world, where players had to survive by any means necessary.

However, over the past year, speculations regarding Days Gone have increased steadily. At Sony's press conference at the E3 event this year, the company revealed a seven-minute-long gameplay footage, which provides greater information about what the game brings.

'Days Gone:' Gameplay Footage Revealed At E3

The video shown off at E3 reveals what the world of Days Gone would look like. It seems to be heavily inspired by Last of Us, another popular survival game. The video starts off with the protagonist Deacon St. John speaking to another character.

He then rides off into the night on his motorcycle and comes across some wolves feeding off a human corpse. One of the wolves chases Deacon, who defends himself by shooting the animal. However, some looters stop Deacon in the middle of the road and attack him.

This portion of the Days Gone gameplay footage reveals the day and night cycle of the game, along with close range combat mechanics as Deacon kills both attackers. The combat seems to be split into third-person quick-time events and manual melee attacks.

Next, the Days Gone gameplay footage showcases the stealth aspects of the impending game. Deacon quietly takes out one enemy and uses a bear trap to create a distraction, so that he can slip by unnoticed.

Zombies Can Help You

The Days Gone gameplay footage also shows off hordes of zombies present in the game. Deacon passes by a particularly large group using stealth and then comes upon a group of human enemies. He then uses a distraction to draw the zombie group toward the human enemies as he hides.

This tactic makes the zombies attack the humans and clear the way for Deacon to progress and rescue a friend from the clutches of a foe.

The use of stealth and diversionary tactics indicate that Days Gone is perhaps more than the average zombie shooter in the market. Although the setting may sound similar, the gameplay seems like a refreshing change from the usual guns blazing route that zombie survival titles often rely on.

The dynamic weather system and the day-night cycle affect the game's difficulty. For instance, the zombies are stronger at night than they are during the day.

Unfortunately, a release date has still not been revealed but it is expected that Days Gone may release in late 2018. However, PlayStation 4 owners will no doubt be excited by the way the game sounds and looks.

Watch the gameplay footage of Days Gone below.

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