Meoww! Meet 9 Most Famous Internet Cats

27 May 2015, 7:23 am EDT By Jan Dizon Tech Times
Grumpy Cat unveils DC waxwork and makes Broadway debut
Grumpy Cat leads the pride of famous internet kitties.  ( Grumpy Cat | Facebook )

Cats are said to have nine lives. But these nine famous feline furries will live on forever thanks to their popularity on the Internet.

Can you recognize all these kitty Internet celebrities?

Grumpy Cat

(Photo : The Official Grumpy Cat | Facebook)

Tardar Sauce's perpetual grumpy face is due to her underbit and feline dwarfism. But despite her perpetually pessimistic face, her owner says she is really a sweet and lovable cat.


(Photo : Nala_cat | Instagram)

This Siamese-Tabby mix has perfected the doey-eyed princess look. She is also often photographed with a surprised look of amazement. Her owner uses Nala's instagram account to raise awareness about cat adoptions.


Henri the Existential cat was used by my French teacher to teach us the finer point of le langue francais. Watch his video series and get some insights into the deeper thoughts of Henri.

Colonel Meow

(Photo : Colonel Meow | Instagram)

Colonel Meow passed away last year, but his memory lives on through instagram. We salute you forever, Colonel Meow!

Lil' Bub

(Photo : Instagram)

Lil' Bub's "perma-kitten" look is caused by a slew of genetic anomalies that give her adorably unique look. His fame allows his "dude" to raise awareness about cat rescues and rare feline disorders.


(Photo : Bored Panda)

Dubbed the happiest cat on the planet. Shironeko epitomizes Japanese zen in her photos which perfectly capture her seemingly contant blissed-out state. Whether she is in a basket or wearing a garland of flowers, we can't help but smile along with Shironeko.


(Photo : Tumblr)

Snoopy the Exotic Shorthair cat looks like a stuffed toy that you just want to cuddle all day long.


(Photo : Instagram)

Venus the Chimera Cat has a half black face with a yellow eye, and a half orange face with a blue eye. Her two faced look is one-of-a-kind and known all throughout the Intrawebs.

Roomba Cat in Shark Costume

#SharkCat loves to clean the kitchen. And, of course, she must always wear her trademark shark costume as she rides on her Roomba all day long.


(Photo : Rocketnews24)

Banye lives in Shanghai and her patch of fur perfectly situated right under her mouth gives her the most adorable wide-eyed OMG! look.  

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