Apple (quietly) launches new iMac that's cheaper, but slower

Apple is now selling a cheaper entry-level iMac. The product is priced $200 less than the former cheapest option, but takes a big hit to performance.

Computers June 21, 2014

The new Apple iMac is cheaper but with less muscle. Should you buy?

Apple offers a lower price for its new iMac 21-inch model with relatively decent specs, but analysts say it’s not for everyone. Here’s why.

Computers June 19, 2014

Apple new entry-level iMac reflects Intel's Broadwell chip issue

With OS X on the horizon and Intel's newest CPU line still in development, Apple opted for economy over horsepower with its latest iteration of the 21.5-inch iMac.

Computers June 18, 2014

LEVAN is a knowledge-hungry computer that wants to learn about everything

A team of research scientists has created a computer program called LEVAN that makes image searching quick and easy. The project is yet to be completely finished, however.

Computers June 17, 2014

Red Hat Linux 7 debuts with Active Directory, Docker support

IT managers rejoice as Red Hat Linux 7 makes its long-anticipated debut. RHEL 7 claims to bring next-generation solutions to open hybrid cloud platforms.

Computers June 11, 2014

Intel eyes cable-free future for PCs

The future for PCs is looking less cluttered as Intel promises to make a big change to make wireless the standard on personal computers by 2016.

Computers June 11, 2014

Now you can enjoy TV shows, movies on Chromebooks even when offline

Google wants to expand its Chromebook customer base, tries to attract buyers with a new feature that lets them watch Google Play movies and TV shows offline.

Computers June 6, 2014

Intel: No need for PC cables by 2016

Intel already has a plan in place for wireless PC systems. The company will use various systems and technologies to create reference designs for manufacturers.

Computers June 5, 2014

Intel's to-do list: Display price drop, a wireless workplace and wire-free charging

Intel hopes to make the computing experience less cluttered, wireless and a more visually stimulating experience. It's working with partners on all three efforts.

Computers June 4, 2014

Google goes End-to-End with Chrome encryption

For users who want the security of their emails to be NSA-proof, Google will bring End-to-End, an encryption plug-in, to Google Chrome. It will especially protect emails from prying eyes on the servers of recipient companies.

Computers June 4, 2014

The HP Pro x2 612 is another Microsoft Surface Pro 3 killer

HP announces a new 2-in-1 device that it hopes will kick Microsoft’s new Surface Pro 3 out of the 12-inch slate market. It has a sturdier keyboard, longer battery life and will probably retail at a cheaper price. Is Microsoft in big trouble?

Computers June 4, 2014

AMD unveils notebook version of potent Kaveri processors

AMD has revealed its newest line of laptop processors, which are based off the energy-efficient, ultra-fast line of Kaveri processors for desktop.

Computers June 5, 2014

Google adds 64-bit support for Chrome, promises better stability and security

The 64-bit version is available for Chrome's Dev and Canary channels. It is not yet available for the mainstream stable version of Chrome.

Computers June 4, 2014

Intel unveils Broadwell-based Llama Mountain prototype tablet

The Llama Mountain uses the soon-to-be-released Core M processor. The prototype is meant to showcase the capabilities of the processor to OEMs.

Computers June 4, 2014

Molerats from Middle East hack targets in Europe, U.S.

The Molerats used the Xtreme RAT, a form of Trojan, as it attacked organizations in Europe and the U.S. Their motives, however, are not yet known.

Computers June 4, 2014

Google gets A for sending Chromebooks to nine more nations (C in poetry)

Google is waxing lyrical about its web-powered Chromebook, announces availability in nine more nations in a cheesy poem.

Computers June 3, 2014

Asus Transformer Book V is a Windows 8 and Android tablet, notebook and smartphone all in one device

Asus has announced a device that works as a Windows 8 tablet, Windows 8.1 laptop, Android tablet, Android laptop and smartphone. Will the five operating modes appeal to a wide range of users?

Computers June 2, 2014

FBI, DOJ bottle GameOver Zeus botnet, Cryptolocker ransomware

Malware is unfair to businesses and consumers. But a two-year-old botnet and ransomware scheme have been crippled by the FBI and international law enforcement organizations.

Computers June 2, 2014

Dell debuts upgraded tablets, 2-in1 devices and all-in-one desktops

Dell releases upgraded versions of its Venue 7 and Venue 8 tablets. Coming too are new versions of the PC maker's 2-in-1 devices and an entry-level All-in-One desktop.

Computers June 2, 2014

Windows 8 Start Menu feature delayed until next year!

For Windows users clamoring for the old-style Start Menu from Windows 7 and earlier, a promised restoration in the next upgrade of Windows 8 now has an uncertain release date. It may have to wait until a new OS debuts.

Computers June 2, 2014

HP unwraps Envy x360, Pavilion x360 as part of its back-to-school portfolio

HP announces a new line of devices that can turn into various form factors, including the Envy x360 and Pavilion x360 notebooks that can be configured into a tablet, a tent or a stand.

Computers June 3, 2014

State of cybercrime in the U.S.: Good guys, losing. Criminals, winning.

The 2014 U.S. State of Cybercrime Survey showed that cybersecurity programs of U.S. organizations are not prepared enough for cyberattacks.

Computers May 29, 2014

WWDC 2014: 'Nope,' Apple will not unwrap new iMac, 8-GB iPhone 5s

'Nope' is what long-time Apple follower Jim Dalrymple can say about rumors of a cheaper iPhone 5s and low-cost iMac being the star of the show at next week’s Apple developer conference.

Computers May 30, 2014

Samsung begins mass production of 1TB SSD using new 3D V-NAND technology

The world has yet to see a 1TB-SSD laptop, but it won’t take long now. Samsung has begun producing the world’s first 1TB SSD drives for computers using a new technology called 3D V-NAND.

Computers May 29, 2014

Toshiba debuts slew of back-to-school laptops and tablets

Toshiba looks to get into the education sector. Two new laptop/tablet combos should help entice customers.

Computers May 29, 2014

VirusTotal Uploader online malware tool for OS X now will keep your Mac secure

VirusTotal Uploader is now compatible with the Mac OS X. The utility scans various files and checks if they are infected with malware.

Computers May 28, 2014

This is how kids today see a 1970s computer [Video]

What happens when children who grew up with iPhones and iPads on their little hands get introduced to a bulky Apple II from four decades ago? This hilarious video shows you what.

Computers May 27, 2014

See kids react to Apple II computer with no hard drive and mouse [Video]

Kids of this generation came face-to-face with an Apple II compute from the 1980s, and the outcome is just as what you would expect.

Computers May 26, 2014

Latest Chrome OS update adds folders to Launcher, improves controls and OK Google

The latest update for the Chrome OS contains several enhancements, including one that was based on user feedback. Users can sort and group apps, minimize and now get search results via voice without first going to a search window.

Computers May 23, 2014

Microsoft, Ubisoft develop free-to-play Assassin's Creed: Pirates for browsers

Assassin's Creed: Pirates for browsers is a stripped down version of the mobile spin-off title of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.

Computers May 20, 2014

Google wants Chromebooks to kill PCs by bringing offline features

Google has put the PC world on watch with new Chromebook updates. Now, users can use many applications while not connected online.

Computers May 9, 2014

Intel announces plans to be inside new generation of Google Chromebooks

Intel and Lenovo are taking the Chromebook market by storm, a move that would benefit Google greatly, and might just punish Microsoft even more.

Computers May 7, 2014

Lenovo debuts Chromebooks for the shopper, student consumer

PC maker delivers on promise to push out cheaper laptops for the education market. They should hit stores just as back-to-school shopping begins.

Computers May 6, 2014

Lenovo unveils a ballerina: N20p Chromebook with 300-degree hinge

Joining the bandwagon of Chromebooks is Lenovo with its own lineup, the N20 and N20p models. The latter has a multi-mode design that allows the keyboard to flex back 300 degrees.

Computers May 7, 2014

Now we have computers that can solve word problems. Need help with math or physics homework?

Researchers from MIT have come up with a new type of computer system that can automatically find the solutions to word problems. The new system may have applications in the fields of math, education and physics.

Computers May 7, 2014

New MacBook Air lineup has slower SSD, new chip provides negligible boost

Two tests were conducted to measure if the updates on the 2014 MacBook Air lineup of Apple brought noticeable modifications in its CPU and storage system. Here's what the separate tests found.

Computers May 6, 2014

Microsoft's keyboard prototype recognizes hand gestures

Hand gestures will soon be interpreted by keyboards. Microsoft has unveiled in a conference a prototype of this next generation keyboard. See what this keyboard can do.

Computers May 1, 2014

New MacBook Air gets cheaper and faster: Buh-bye laptops?

Apple launches new MacBook Air. But most analysts see little more than speed upgrades in the new models.

Computers April 30, 2014

MacBook Air update features faster processor and $100 price cut

Apple has unveiled updated line of MacBook Air. Is everyone happy with the new processor inside and with the revised price tag?

Computers April 29, 2014

Apple to hit refresh on MacBook Air lineup tomorrow - Will the display be retina?

Apple will reportedly give its MacBook Air lineup a slight boost in processing power tomorrow, April 29. This mid-cycle refresh will probably be modest, but a bigger update to the lineup is expected at a later date. Retina display, anyone?

Computers April 28, 2014

New reliable qubit array brings us one step closer to quantum computing

Quantum computing could change the world. That day is one step closer, thanks to new technology.

Computers April 26, 2014

Apple announces OS X Beta Seed Program, users can try Mavericks 10.9.3 with confidentiality agreement

For the first time ever, Apple is enlisting its customers to test out its latest OS in beta for free, provided testers agree to Apple’s stringent secrecy clause.

Computers April 24, 2014

Lenovo flexes its muscles with new dual-purpose laptops with a $429 starting price

It may seem a bit early to start thinking of the back to school selling season, but Lenovo is getting prepared. It announced two new laptops in its Flex 2 family that will become available in June.

Computers April 16, 2014

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