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Edward Snowden Is Pushing For A Global Treaty Against Digital Surveillance

Edward Snowden campaigns for a global privacy treaty, saying that mass spying is on an international scale. The notorious whistle-blower calls for change on an international scale.

Internet September 29, 2015

Cultural Historian Says Apple Is More Than A Brand, It’s A Cult

One cultural historian is not alone in thinking that Apple is a cult rather than a brand. Certain brands and celebrtities speak up about the Cupertino brand's practices.

Society September 28, 2015

Latest Microsoft Security Patch Covers Loophole That Allows Android To Run On Windows 10

Microsoft patched up a bug that allows Windows Phones to run on Android. Lumia users will have to stick with Windows 10 Mobile.

Apps/Software September 28, 2015

If You're From The UK, GCHQ Knows Everything You Do On The Internet

Leaked documents show that the UK's Government Communications Headquarters stores over trillions of metadata records. The organization claims that it is authorized and necessary.

Internet September 28, 2015

Xbox One And Oculus Rift Could Be A Perfect Combo But Here's Why You Might Need To Wait

Microsoft finally speaks about the Xbox One and Oculus Rift. The two companies are working closely to give virtual reality to fans.

Video Games September 28, 2015

PewDiePie Takes On Mobile Gaming With ‘Legend Of The Brofist’ And Bros Are Digging It

YouTube's most popular vlogger PewDiePie stars in a mobile game that both old and new gamers can appreciate. Outerminds successfully pixelates not only the Swedish star's appearance but his personal brand of humor as well.

Video Games September 28, 2015

Firefox 42 Beta Lets You Block Trackers And Know Which Tab Is Playing That Annoying Autoplay Sound

Mozilla's new update focuses on protecting users from third-party trackers, but the browser also comes with extra interesting features. The company is bringing privacy to the next level.

Internet September 27, 2015

Google Keep Finally Comes To iOS: Is It Better Than Apple Notes?

Google Keep is now available to iOS users, bringing a host of useful features. Apple fans get a new option for note-taking.

Apps/Software September 26, 2015

Chevrolet Announces Android Auto Update Coming To Select Models In March 2016

Chevrolet promises Android Auto capability for select 2016 vehicles with 8-inch MyLink systems. The update will also eventually be available to all vehicles with 7- and 8-inch displays.

FUTURE TECH September 25, 2015

Nextbit Robin Coming To Sprint: Big Four To Offer Smartphone With Intelligent Storage

Nextbit's upcoming cloud-based smartphone will support Sprint as well. When Robin goes official, it can support all major U.S. carriers.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech September 25, 2015

Apple Watch Coming To T-Mobile And Sprint On Sept. 25

T-Mobile and Sprint announced that they will have the Apple Watch available. The major U.S. carrier offers a deal to Apple fans that's hard to refuse.

Wearable Tech September 24, 2015

Tim Cook Offers Apple Internship To Teen Who Says The Apple Watch Saved His Life

A high school senior from Cape Cod, Massachusetts says his Apple Watch saved his life. Tim Cook offers the teenager a coveted internship at Apple and a new iPhone.

Wearable Tech September 24, 2015

Here’s What The Official Reddit App For Android Will Look Like

Reddit revealed a sneak peek of its native app that allows users to browse its site. Reddit's community quickly expressed its opinion about the user interface.

Apps/Software September 24, 2015

Belgian Privacy Commission Accuses Facebook Of Spying Like The NSA

The Belgian Privacy Commission insisted that Facebook violated fundamental rights. Facebook argued that it is in compliance with European laws and did not breach data protection rights.

Legal September 23, 2015

Symantec Fires Staff For Issuing Rogue HTTPS Certificates To Google

Symantec took action regarding the security blunder. Google acted quickly to prevent any damage.

Internet September 23, 2015

Mozilla Rolls Out Firefox 41 For Web And Android: Here Are The New Features To Expect

Mozilla released Firefox 41 with a handful of useful features that will definitely improve user experience. These new features include the ability to quickly change search providers and the integration of Firefox Hello.

Apps/Software September 23, 2015

Microsoft Updates Xbox Website To Add Voice Messages And Demo Search

Microsoft introduced two new community-requested features on its Xbox website. The company proved yet again that it genuinely listens to users' feedbacks and delivers results.

Internet September 23, 2015

Galaxy O5 Partial Specs Revealed In Benchmark Test, Sports 5-Inch Display And Quad-Core Processor

The Samsung Galaxy O5's specs and features are now available to the public via a benchmark test. Here's what we learned.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech September 23, 2015

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