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Flight Simulator Add-On That Installed Password-Stealing Malware Was For Anti-Piracy, Devs Say

FlightSimLabs, provider of expansions for the massively popular Microsoft Flight Simulator, has insisted the malware that came with the A320X add-on was an anti-piracy measure. Security experts scored the tactic as extreme DRM method and absolute insanity.

Apps/Software February 20, 2018

Hackers Finally Crack 'Assassin's Creed: Origins': Will Ubisoft Remove The Controversial Anti-Piracy Measures?

Pirates finally cracked 'Assassin's Creed: Origins', which was involved in a controversy as its anti-piracy measures allegedly resulted in extreme CPU usage. Will Ubisoft finally remove the piracy protection technology?

Video Games February 4, 2018

Kodi Faces Major Crackdown In The UK As Premier League Continues Its Anti-Piracy Campaign

Kodi gets swept up in a major anti-piracy campaign in the UK that will block service for its streaming application. ISPs will lend a hand.

Internet April 2, 2017

AMC Embeds Digital Watermarks On 'The Walking Dead' And Other Series To Deter Piracy

AMC Networks plans on using a new anti-piracy digital watermark on episodes of its programming, including 'The Walking Dead,' to deter pirates from releasing episodes before they air on television.

Internet Culture February 23, 2016

Top 10 Most Common Digital Piracy Myths Busted: Who’s Pirating What And Why?

Piracy has been quite a topic for years now, and a lot of myths have been spreading on the Internet. Here are 10 of the most common ones.

Internet January 5, 2016

Court Orders Pirate To Star In Anti-Piracy Video And Get 200,000 Views To Avoid Paying Fines

The court ordered a busted software pirate to get at least 200,000 YouTube views on his own anti-piracy video or he will be compelled pay his fines. The pirate, who lives in the Czech Republic, lost in a copyright infringement lawsuit filed against him by an anti-piracy group.

Legal November 28, 2015

Megaupload Piracy Case: Mega Programmer Pleads Guilty, Faces One Year Prison Sentence

Mega programmer Andrus Nömm pleaded guilty to charges of copyright infringement caused by his involvement with Megaupload and other piracy websites. He was given a one year and one day prison term for the conspiracy act involving felony copyright infringement.

Legal February 16, 2015

Google Yanks Pirate Bay-related Apps from Play Store in Anti-piracy Move

Google wants to show copyright holders that it is fighting against piracy by removing Pirate Bay apps from the Play Store. However, developers of the said apps are challenging the removal.

Internet December 6, 2014

'The Sims 4's anti-piracy technique is hard to not notice

The developers behind 'The Sims 4' have implemented an interesting, new bug in the game, which you'll see in pirated versions. The glitch has also been able to easily reveal the pirates.

Geek September 7, 2014

Ex-Microsoft staffer gets 3 months for spilling Win 8 secrets, deportation to Russia

Former Microsoft employee convicted of leaking Windows 8 RT and product key activation code software. Alex Kibkalo was sentenced to three-month prison term, ordered to pay restitution and faces deportation.

Legal June 13, 2014

ISPs in UK to notify illegal downloaders. Is this enough to combat Internet piracy?

UK ISPs and content providers have reached an anti-piracy agreement that mandates ISPs to educate illegal downloaders about legal services, but many believe the measure is not stringent enough.

Business Tech May 10, 2014

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