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Harvard Researchers Develop Liquid Battery That Can Last For 10 Years

Unlike currently available lithium-ion batteries that could become useless after a few years of heavy use, the new flow battery Harvard researchers developed can last for more than 10 years. What's behind the battery's long cycle life?

Energy February 14, 2017

BMW Introduces Home Energy System That Recycles i3 Electric Vehicle Batteries: Look Out, Tesla Powerwall

BMW unveiled a home energy system that will recycle used batteries of the i3 electric vehicle. The system will work similarly to the Tesla Powerwall, which Tesla Motors announced last year.

Car Tech June 22, 2016

New Designer Carbon Means Better Energy Storage And Better Batteries

A team of researchers at Stanford University recently created a new and versatile form of designer carbon, which could lead to better energy storage, as well as longer-lasting batteries and supercapacitors.

Energy June 11, 2015

Graphene and carbon nanotube ultracapacitors boast high performance and low cost

Two different carbon nanostructures when combined make for efficient energy-storage devices, researchers say. Result could be smaller, more powerful electronic devices.

Energy April 23, 2014

SolarCity offering Tesla battery-powered energy storage systems

SolarCity has announced the availability of DemandLogic, which is a Tesla battery-powered energy storage system, for commercial use.

FUTURE TECH December 5, 2013

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