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Equifax Hackers Demand $2.66 Million Ransom For Stolen Information, With Sept. 15 Deadline

The Equifax hackers have demanded a ransom of over 600 Bitcoin, or about $2.66 million, by Sept. 15. The victims of the Equifax data breach should safeguard their information, whether or not Equifax pays the ransom.

Security September 10, 2017

Equifax Data Breach Places 143 Million Customers At Risk: Are You One Of Them?

Equifax, one of the three major consumer credit reporting agencies in the United States, suffered a massive data breach. The cybersecurity incident places 143 million Americans at risk, and here is how to check if you are one of them.

Security September 8, 2017

Equifax, Experian, And TransUnion To Overhaul Credit Report Dispute Process: What Consumers Should Know

It's frustrating to find out inaccuracies in a credit report as they are likely negatively impacting your credit rating. A new agreement between lawmakers and the credit report companies should, however, work in the consumer's favor.

Money March 10, 2015

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