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Moscow Mule Copper Mug May Cause Food Poisoning

Drinking the trendy cocktail drink Moscow mule in copper mug may result in food poisoning marked by diarrhea and yellowing of the skin. Here's why copper and alcoholic beverage should not mix.

Public Health August 9, 2017

Health Blogger Poisons Herself On Live Video While Biting Poisonous Plant Mistaken As Aloe Vera

A Chinese health vlogger was supposed to demonstrate the health benefits of the aloe vera plant on live stream. Unfortunately, she was poisoned because she used the wrong plant, the Agave americana.

Public Health July 3, 2017

Toxic Tea: San Francisco Woman Dies After Drinking Poison Brew From Chinatown Herbalist

A San Francisco woman died after drinking herbal tea she bought from a Chinatown shop. The brew was found to contain aconite, a deadly plant-based toxin often used as a herbal medicine.

Public Health March 21, 2017

Toxin Found In Tea Bought At Chinatown Shop: What Other Harmful Ingredients Are There In Popular Brew?

Two individuals in San Francisco fell ill after drinking tea that contains toxin from an aconite plant. Here are other health risks associated with drinking this popular beverage.

Public Health March 13, 2017

Soylent Looking At Algal Flour As Offending Ingredient Making Its Consumers Sick

Soylent has been investigating two of its products after hearing complaints about side effects including gastrointestinal problems. The substance at fault is an algae-based flour.

Public Health November 8, 2016

Dozens Of Customers Get Sick After Eating At California Restaurant

Ay, caramba! Dozens of customers get sick after eating at a locally famous Mexican restaurant in Fairfield, California. Health officials linked dozens of food poisoning cases to local food joint Alejandro's Taqueria.

Public Health June 11, 2016

General Mills Voluntarily Recalls 10 Million Pounds Of Flour Over E.Coli Concerns

A General Mills flour recall is ongoing after some of its 10 million pounds of flour has been linked to a multi-state E.coli outbreak that sickened 38 people dating back to December.

Public Health June 1, 2016

FDA Issues New Rules For Transporting Food Safely

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a new rule on food transportation. This will cover shippers, carriers and receivers to prevent food safety problems that might pose a threat to consumer health.

Life April 7, 2016

This Fridge-Mountable Laser Will Not Zap Illness-Causing Bacteria But It Can Still Save You From Food Poisoning

How do you avoid food poisoning? Korean researchers introduced the concept of a fridge-mountable laser that can detect presence of illness-causing bacteria like E. coli.

Life April 1, 2016

Take A Tip From A Food Poisoning Expert: Avoid These Six Foods

A food safety lawyer, who has won many cases on food poisoning claims, outlined the food products he stays away from to avoid becoming a victim. Find out which food products are the most risky.

Life January 27, 2016

Tiny Worms Found In Stomach Of Man Who Ate Raw Salmon From Grocery Store

A man from Canada experienced abdominal pain after eating raw salmon from a grocery store. Upon examination, doctors found tiny worms inside the patient's stomach.

Life January 22, 2016

Recovering From Food Poisoning? Here’s What You Should Eat

Reeling from food poisoning? Dealing with a stomach bug is anything but comfortable; however, you can ease your way to recovering more quickly by eating right.

Life January 10, 2016

Researchers Turning To Viruses To Control Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is the worst! Researchers have turned to viruses to explore what bacteriophages can do to keep stomach bugs at bay.

Life January 5, 2016

These Small Sensors Could Prevent Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is something that most people suffer from at some point in their lives, however, we could soon have access to sensors and devices that could help prevent it.

Gadgets December 14, 2015

Children Under Age Five Account For 30 Percent Of Foodborne Disease Deaths

About 125,000 children under the age of five die from food-borne diseases annually, revealed a WHO report. Experts call for improved sanitation and food safety guidelines in the global food production system.

Life December 6, 2015

E. Coli Outbreak Threatens Chipotle Sales As Victims Vow Not To Go Back To Mexican Restaurant

Food poisoning incidents at several Chipotle restaurants in the greater Seattle and Portland area are expected to drive customers away from the Mexican fast food chain. Analysts say the food company could suffer a depression in sales as a result of the negative publicity.

Life November 5, 2015

Chipotle Restaurants In Washington And Oregon Shut Down Following E. Coli Outbreak

E. Coli wipes out over 40 Chipotle locations in the Northwest. So far, 22 cases of food poisoning have been tied to six of the locations.

Life November 1, 2015

Can Yelp Help? Health Officials Keep Track Of Food Poisoning Outbreaks Through Social Media

Reviews posted on the social media website Yelp helped spread news about the Shigella outbreak that occurred in a restaurant in California. Some experts believe such review sites could serve as a form of early warning system to prevent people from becoming victimized of similar instances.

Life October 26, 2015

California Recalls Organic Pastures Dairy Raw Whole Milk Due To Bacterial Contamination

An organic dairy product company's raw milk products are being recalled due to bacterial contamination. The CDFA warns the public of the dangers of consuming unpasteurized milk products.

Life October 19, 2015

Breast Milk Sold Online May Contain E.coli And Other Deadly Bacteria

A BBC reporter's investigation found that milk bought online can contain deadly bacteria like E.coli and thrush. Experts proved that the dangers of buying breast milk online is not worth the benefits it can bring.

Life October 14, 2015

Whole Foods Recalls Papillon Organic Roquefort Cheese Due To Listeria Risk

Whole Foods Market voluntarily recalled their Papillon Roquefort cheese when it was suspected by the FDA to be contaminated with the Listeria monocytogenes bacterium. Listeriosis is a common foodborne illness that can be fatal to some patients.

Life October 9, 2015

Red Tide Along South Padre Island Coast Causing Health Problems For Beachgoers

Health hazards due to red tide are limiting beachgoers from having all-out fun. Along South Padre Island Coast, the algal blooms continue to be a threat thus, authorities have recommended measures to protect the public.

Earth/Environment September 29, 2015

California Dairy Recalls Soft Cheeses Linked With Listeria Illnesses And Death

California cheese manufacturer Karoun Dairies Inc. recalled products following a food positioning outbreak that left one dead and 23 others sick.

Life September 21, 2015

Ciguatera Fish Poisoning In Florida Underreported: What You Should Know

Experts came up with a re-estimated count of food poisoning caused by ciguatera, showing that much of previous incidents have not been reported.

Life June 30, 2015

Listeriosis: How To Spot It And What To Do When Exposed To Listeria

Listeriosis can have severe consequences when not addressed immediately. Knowing the signs of an infection is integral in taking quick action to receive treatment.

Life May 26, 2015

US Battle Against Food Contamination Yielding Some Good News, But Also Some New Worries

The U.S. is making progress against some common pathogens causing foodborne illnesses, but others are on the rise, a federal report says. Contaminated food sickens thousands every year, the CDC says.

Life May 14, 2015

CDC Issues Home Canning Tips Following Botulism Outbreak

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released tips on how to safely can foods at home to avoid possible contamination after last week's outbreak of botulism in Ohio and New Mexico that killed one person and left several others ill.

Life April 30, 2015

Outbreak Of Botulism In Ohio Claims 1 Life: 20 Others Affected

Botulism cases spiked in Ohio as a potluck turned deadly, getting parishioners from a church in Lancaster sick. One has been confirmed dead while many others are still ill.

Life April 22, 2015

Thanksgiving 2014: Turkey? Recipe? Learn How to Safely Prepare Holiday Meal

Knowing how to safely prepare and cook turkey for Thanksgiving can avoid the inconveniences of food poisoning. Experts shared some tips on how to best prepare the holiday staple.

Life November 27, 2014

Murry's Inc. issues Class 1 recall of 31,689 pounds of Bell & Evans chicken products over possible Staphylococcus contamination

Murry's Inc. recalled more than 31,000 pounds of Bell & Evans gluten-free chicken products for possible contamination of Staphylococcal enterotoxin, which causes food poisoning.

Life October 27, 2014

UK watchdog urges public, cooks not to wash raw chicken. Here's why

The Food Standard Agency (FSA) of the UK has issued a health warning for campylobacter. People are urged to avoid washing raw chicken before cooking.

Life June 16, 2014

Food poisoning risk higher in restaurants than at home, study says

You're twice as likely to get sick eating out then eating in, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

Life April 9, 2014

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