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New York State Is Giving All Of Its Inmates Free Tablets

All 54,700 inmates in New York state will be receiving free tablets. One of the catches in the program is that they won’t be allowed to use to the internet on the tablets.

Viral February 2, 2018

Ohio Inmates Were Able To Build Computers While In Prison To Commit More Crimes

Two inmates at a medium-security prison in Ohio were able to secretly assemble two fully functioning computers and hid them in the facility's ceiling. With their scraped together technology, they committed more crimes, including identity theft and hacking attacks.

Computers April 12, 2017

66 Seattle Jail Inmates Screened For Tuberculosis Infection

Nearly 66 prisoners at a Seattle county jail have been tested for tuberculosis. This was done when one of the inmates was diagnosed with the disease, and officials wanted to determine whether it was passed on to any of the others.

Public Health March 16, 2017

Texas Inmates Break Out Of Cell To Save Guard Who Suffered From Heart Attack

A group of inmates broke out of their holding cell, risking their lives to save the life of a jailer. Watch the video of the incident.

Life & Style July 10, 2016

California Death Row Inmate Dies From Natural Causes After 26 Years In Jail

Death row inmates in California have been waiting for many years before execution due to the various issues in the state. The fourth man under the said sentence, who have died due to natural causes, have recently been reported by authorities.

Life September 3, 2015

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