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Fewer High School Students Engage In Sex: CDC

A new report by CDC said that teenagers today have a later initiation to sex as compared to their counterparts 10 years ago. The survey was based on teens who go to high school.

Public Health January 6, 2018

The new first base: Sexting is now part of growing up

A new study says that sexting is now part of typical teen behavior, making it the new first base. However, even though sexting predates sex, there is not a direct link between sexting and increased risky sexual behavior.

Internet Culture October 6, 2014

Less teens indulging in smoking, drinking and sex but other risky behaviors rise: CDC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a youth survey that presented some decreases in risky behaviors among teens in the past year, as well as some discouraging increases.

Life June 13, 2014

Twitter data may help predict HIV outbreak

A new study suggests that Twitter has a practical, scientific use. An algorithm was developed to detect certain words and phrases in tweets and identify them as indicative of drug use and risky sexual behavior, which enables researchers to predict and prevent an HIV outbreak.

Life March 4, 2014

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