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Act Of Kindness Helps Reduce Effects Of Stress

With the holidays approaching, experiencing high stress levels is inevitable. A new study reveals a simple and cost-free way to de-stress: performing acts of kindness.

Life December 17, 2015

Yoga May Help Women Who Want To Conceive: Here's How

A woman's journey towards a successful pregnancy gets a few twists. A new study found regular yoga exercises can relieve anxieties and increase chances of pregnancy.

Life October 21, 2015

Study Says Sugary Drinks May Help Alleviate Effects Of Stress

Drinking sugar-sweetened drinks can help lower stress levels in the body more than beverages that contain artificial sweeteners, according to latest research.

Internet Culture April 20, 2015

Long day? Watching TV, playing video games might not be good for you

Based on a new research, contrary to previous studies, watching television and playing video games after a long day at work or school do not relax stressed people. In fact, these activities make them feel worse.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 31, 2014

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