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Stars That Exploded As Supernovae Were 'Exiles' Ejected From Their Cosmic Homes

Three recently observed supernovae exploded outside of any galaxy, researchers say. The events were the death throes of stars 'exiled' from any host galaxy, they explain.

Space June 4, 2015

Supernova Material Collides With White Dwarf Companion - What Did This Teach Astronomers About The Universe?

A Type 1a supernova was seen in the process of exploding. Observations may reveal the underlying nature of these powerful events.

Space May 20, 2015

Dead stars sometimes 're-ignite' to explode as supernovas: Type la supernovae explained

Type 1a supernovae may finally be explained after the discovery of cobalt-56, a rare element, during one of the events.

Space August 30, 2014

Dead star torn apart in thermonuclear supernova

Scientists see "dead" white dwarf star come back to life in massive supernova explosion. Detection of rare event in another galaxy proves theory of such explosions.

Space August 29, 2014

Zombie star sighting by Hubble excites boffins

Type 1ax supernovas have been seen by the Hubble Space Telescope, revealing these mysterious events for the first time -- but how are they triggered?

Space August 10, 2014

Massive supernova not so bright after all

An "ordinary" Type 1a supernova was seen, apparently giving off the same amount of energy as 100 billion suns. How did nature dupe astronomers?

Space April 28, 2014

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