Henry Cavill discovered that having cool superpowers does not necessarily mean Superman wins everyone's hearts, especially with kids who are completely honest about who they think is cooler between him and Batman.

As part of a joint marketing and philanthropic effort, "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" partnered up with Omaze to give fans who donate a chance to win "The Ultimate Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Experience" while benefitting three nonprofit organizations nominated by Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Jesse Eisenberg.

Cavill visited Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust in the British Isles to invite everyone to join the contest. Of course, he did not miss out on trying to get kids on Superman's side. He is seen speaking to several kids and not-so-subtly trying to convince them that Superman is cooler than Batman. Some of the kids did choose Superman but those who did not offered a much more interesting conversation, even from the beginning of the video.

"What do you like about Superheroes again? You like that they can fly, that they're super strong, that they can move really fast, they can bend metal and they can shoot lasers from their eyes. Ok... so you like Superman?" Cavill asks two little girls only to be shot down.

"No. Batman," the girls were quick to answer.

Close to the 1 minute mark, Cavill talks to another group of kids and receives another interesting answer. While one kid likes both superheroes evenly, another says he likes the villains better.

Watch Cavill's interaction with the kids below.

"The Ultimate Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Experience" offers a fan and his or her friend the chance to win tickets to the premiere of the film as well as fly on a helicopter with Superman or ride in the Batmobile with Batman. Plane tickets and hotel accommodations are included in the prize.

So what does one have to do for a chance to win the awesome prize while helping Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI), The SEED Project and Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust?

For less than $100, you can choose from a base donation of $10 that translates to 100 chances to win, a $25 donation that will give you a digital Thank You card plus 250 chances to win or $50 for a limited edition Batman v Superman adult coloring books plus 500 chances to win.

From $100 to $1,000, depending on the amount donated, fans can get various limited-edition Batman v Superman items like heat-sensitive mugs, specially designed shirts, artworks or a personalized video from Cavill.

$3,000 and above can get 1/6th scale figurines, exclusive and autographed awesome artworks, dinner with Jesse Eisenberg or a weekend trip with Cavill. For the ultimate Batman fan who has $50,000 to spare, there are a few remaining full-scale Batman statues with plaques signed by Affleck.

Omaze is not a newcomer when it comes to giving fans awesome experiences. One of its most recent campaigns was for the HBO series "Game of Thrones" which benefited Red.Org. The winning fan and a friend were taken to Belfast to visit the "Game of Thrones" set and chat with the actors on Feb. 15.

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