Are you into smart home devices? Looking to light up your home with options that are not run-of-the-mill?

If you answered yes to both the questions then we have the perfect solution for you: smart light bulbs. With the advent of Internet of Things or IoT, the concept of regular incandescent, LED or fluorescent light bulbs have taken a back seat and have given way to these smart light bulbs.

We check out some of the best smart light bulbs available such as the Philips Hue, Sony LED Light Bulb Speaker, Misfit Bolt, Sengled Pulse and the Elgato Avea to help you reimagine your home.

Philips Hue Color

This smart bulb is capable of changing colors as the name suggests, but in synchronization with the movies and TV shows you are watching. Why? This helps make the experience more immersive.

Philips Hue also offers a Siri voice control for the benefit of iOS users and is pretty easy to set up as well. While the bulb itself may not cost you the Earth, the hub it requires may set you back quite a bit. You can grab the A19 starter kit for $199.99.

Sony LED Light Bulb Speaker

The Sony LED Light Bulb Speaker is a light bulb that also acts as a speaker. The smart bulb is able to connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth, which enables one to control not only the brightness level of the 360-lumen smart bulb, but also the volume of the song tracks (through the SongPal app).

It also has an NFC remote, which is an alternate way of controlling the smart bulb. The Sony LED Light Bulb Speaker is currently only officially available in Japan. However, you can buy it from Amazon for $278 upward.

Misfit Bolt

The Misfit Bolt is crafted from aircraft aluminum and can be connected through Bluetooth (as opposed to Wi-Fi) and brings forth a gamut of colors. It has a great build quality and is pretty responsive to color changing via Bluetooth. It even comes with app controls for adjusting temperature and brightness levels.

There is integration with the Misfit Flash fitness tracker, which means one can switch off the bulb or turn it on with a mere tap even when your smartphone is not in hand.

Three Misfit Bolt smart bulbs come in a set and cost $130. Alternately you can purchase a single bulb for $50.

Elgato Avea

If you want to convert your living room into The Enchanted Forest at the tap of a button from your iPad or iPhone, then Elgato's Avea 7W LED bulbs are the perfect companion.

Connected via Bluetooth Smart technology, this smart bulb does not require any hub or bridges.

"Turn any luminaire into the perfect mood lamp with Avea Bulb. Simply replace your current light source with the energy efficient LED light bulb, and create the perfect atmosphere with colorful, dynamic light moods," notes the company.

It will not burn a hole in your wallet either and costs $39.99.

Sengled Pulse

The Sengled Pulse also has a built-in speaker like the Sony LED Light Bulb Speaker smart bulb. However, the Pulse is able to sync with nearly eight other Pulse bulbs to create a surround-sound Bluetooth-based audio system.

This smart bulb is regularly priced at $179.99 but is now available at a discounted $149.99 from Amazon.

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