The 1996 bowling comedy Kingpin came at a time when directors Peter and Bobby Farrelly had already had a successful hit movie in their first feature, Dumb and Dumber, but they had not yet taken over the world like they would when There's Something About Mary hit theaters in 1998. It's an oddball film that features a great group of actors (Woody Harrelson, Randy Quaid, and Bill Murray in particular) that fits nicely into the Farrelly ouevre, but didn't hit the mass appeal sweet spot that some of their other films from the time did.

That being said, Kingpin has quite a large cult following that knows every single joke and can practically recite the movie word for word, so the idea of it finally making its Blu-ray debut is an exciting one.

T-Lounge is thrilled to premiere this exclusive bonus features clip from the Kingpin Blu-ray (in stores on October 14). The clip features directors Peter and Bobby Farrelly discussing the casting of Woody Harrelson in the film. We also get a glimpse at a 1995 interview with the actor who mentions that they offered him a role in their first film Dumb and Dumber, but he thought it was "too silly." Then he saw it and thought it was "hilarious." Finally, we're treated to a great story from Peter Farrelly that describes how a lucky billiards shot got Woody to sign on the dotted line for Kingpin. Really funny stuff.

Kingpin makes its Blu-ray debut on October 14.

(All photos: Paramount Home Entertainment)

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