4K TVs are some of the most popular items this Black Friday and many retailers such as Amazon, Hhgregg and more are offering massive discounts on 4K TVs.

Here are some more information on 4K TVs and things to consider before you buy a 4K TV.

What Are 4K TVs?

4K Ultra High-Definition television, or 4K Ultra HD TV, is one of the latest technologies in the industry. 4K Ultra HD TVs bring four times the picture resolution of 1080p HDTVs, offering an immersive viewing experience and superior picture quality to viewers.

Things To Consider Before Buying A 4K TV

Although 4K TVs have far better resolution than HDTVs, it is difficult to find the difference in sharpness when the content does not support 4K.

Customers who have a 4K TV should have 4K content such as games, movies, TV shows and more to get the most benefit. The availability of 4K content is growing to bring a great viewing experience to customers.

Available 4K Content

A number of 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray discs and players are available in the market to bring 4K content to customers.

"Netflix provides 4K streams of titles, including the television shows House of Cards and Breaking Bad for UHD TVs with HEVC/H.265 built in (all UHD TVs at Best Buy will have this capability). Amazon Instant Video delivers original content shot in 4K, as well as titles like Hitch and the Orphan Black TV series. Vimeo has an expanding collection of downloadable 4K clips and videos," says Best Buy.

Amazon Fire TV, Roku Ultra, Nvidia Shield and Chromecast Ultra include built-in 4K streaming capabilities.

4K gaming is also gaining a lot of popularity but only the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro and Microsoft Xbox One S support 4K.

Some satellite and cable providers such as DirecTV also offer a selection of 4K content. Likewise, Amazon also offers 4K Ultra HD content here.

How To Buy The Perfect 4K TV?

A 4K TV has a premium price tag, which means customers should be ready to splash some extra cash if they want to experience 4K content from the comfort of their living room.

Customers should ensure that they have access to 4K content devices and providers before buying a 4K TV.

Most of the 4K TVs available in the market have at least one HDMI port. Customers should try and find a 4K TV with as many HDMI ports.

A number of companies offer curved 4K TVs that claim to enhance the viewing experience for viewers. However, reports suggest that curved TVs do not have any specific advantage. Moreover, a curved screen reduces the viewing angle, ultimately limiting the number of people who can watch content from the best view.

Check out some of the best 4K TV Black Friday deals if you are considering to buy one this festive season.

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