Thanks to Amazon's Back to School sale, you can now get an Amazon Echo for just $100 — against its original $180 retail price. Now until Sept. 4, you can get an Echo, an Echo Dot for just $44.99, or an Echo Tap for $99.

What's more, all Kindle models are also $20 off. This deal only lasts until Aug. 26, so hurry up if you want to buy a Kindle.

Amazon Back To School Sale: Here Are Some Great Deals

Technically, the deals are aimed for students, but Amazon doesn't seem to care if you aren't, so no need for verifications or anything. Lots of things are on sale, from shoes to apparel to electronics, so visit Amazon's Back to School Deals page to check them out.

Here are some deals to get you started:

Echo Dot - $44.99, originally $49.99.

Echo Tap - $99.99, originally $129.99.

Echo - $99.99, originally $179.99.

Kindle - $59.99, originally $79.99.

Kindle Paperwhite - $99.99, originally $119.99.

Fire Tablet - $39.99, originally $49.99.

Fire HD 8 - $59.99, originally $79.99.

Is Amazon Preparing The Next-Generation Echo Line?

While the discount itself is a pretty sweet deal for those planning to buy one of Amazon's Echo devices, it also raises an interesting possibility. The Verge speculates that the company might be trying to clear out Echo stocks to make way for a new smart speaker. Of course, this is purely speculation, but it's not a far-fetched theory when you consider that Amazon hasn't updated the main Echo speaker in three years, which in an unusually long cycle in consumer tech.

Consider also that Google and Apple are both in the smart speaker race, with Google Home and HomePod, respectively. The future of home-based virtual assistant is certainly gearing up to be an exciting one. Granted, Amazon has other devices such as the Echo Look and Echo Show, but surely consumers would be more than happy for a proper Echo sequel. Time will tell, as always.

There are already rumors for the Echo 2, with reports saying it'll have improvements and optimizations in both the sound and design department. Amazon could launch the Echo sequel in the fall, though that looks unlikely considering there aren't many rumors about it. Perhaps it could arrive sometime in 2018.

Do you think Amazon should release a new iteration of its Echo smart speaker, or do you think it's fine the way it is? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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