Imagine, if you will, that one day, thousands of years from now, long after the zombie apocalypse has passed and a new civilization has dawned, those new settlers come across only one collection of tattered black-and-white newspapers from between the years of 1997 to 2007. Imagine now that the collection consists solely of the amazingly absurd Weekly World News. What would these new Earthly inhabitants think of our world? Well, for one, they would probably think there were a whole lot of Bat Boys running around.

Despite its almost completely fictional approach to the "news," the Weekly World News has delighted conspiracy theorists and people that will believe anything for over three decades. Now, thanks to the fine folks at Roads Publishing, fans can dig back through the publication's archives in Neil McGinness' new book Weekly World News (in stores now). T-Lounge has an exclusive look at some of the craziest stories from the tabloid's history. Check it out below!

Weekly World News by Neil McGinness is available from Roads Publishing now. If you're looking to continue getting your Weekly World News fix, you can do so at

(All photos: Roads Publishing)

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