Gifts for nature lovers can be challenging to select, but with the holidays here, there are several products that are sure to please anyone who loves hiking, swimming, fishing, or other outdoor activities.

Bees are essential for pollinating crops to grow food for the world population, and they are facing potentially hazardous conditions from colony collapse disorder (CCD) which is wiping out populations. Most nature lovers are aware of the problem, and concerned about the losses. Still, a full apiary is not practical for most people. Instead, consider the Mason Bee House. This shelter, made from bamboo, is designed to attract mason bees. These insects visit up to 1,000 flowers a day, 20 times more than typical  honeybees, making them fabulous pollinators. The Mason Bee House costs just $20, making it highly affordable, as well!

Bird lovers will delight in receiving Birdseed Owls. These decorative feeders, sold in sets of three, are designed to look like owls. The pieces are manufactured from different types of seeds, in order to attract a wide variety of birds. Their adorable faces are made from dried fruit, a delightful treat for wild birds. Sets of birdseed owls are sold for just $20, available on

The Lifestraw can make an ideal gift for hikers, especially those who travel long distances. Nothing is more critical on a long hike than water, and streams and ponds can be contaminated with dangerous bacteria. The Lifestraw is a Time Magazine "Invention of the Year," allowing hikers to drink safely from natural water sources. The device, which weighs just two ounces, contains no moving parts, chemicals, or batteries. The straw sells for around $25.

Camelbak hydration packs have taken outdoor enthusiasts by storm over the last few years, and most people who hike or bicycle regularly would be delighted to receive one as a gift. The equipment makes it easier then ever for those who bring water with them while outside to take a drink without breaking from exercise or recreation. The packs are available in styles for men and women, and prices are between $35 and $70.

Being out on the trail means having to cut, slice, and grip items, and nothing is better for doing that than the Leatherman Wingman Multi Tool. These highly-useful utensils sell for just $30 to $35, and can last a lifetime. The Wingman contains scissors, a knife, screwdrivers, can opener, and much more. From opening a can of beans to taking the cover off a hot grill, the Wingman will make a welcome addition to any hiker's backpack.

Whether gift recipients are interested in bicycling, hiking on trails, or just observing nature from their own backyards, at least one of these products should make the perfect gift.

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