Amazon Alexa
(Photo : Amazon) Alexa says ¡Hola! Spanish-language support for Echo and Alexa Built-In Devices went live in the United States on Friday.

Amazon's Alexa is now multilingual. On Friday, Oct. 11, the e-commerce company announced that customers in the United States can now interact with the digital assistant in Spanish.

The new feature allows users to ask Alexa to set reminders, control their smart home devices, get news and weather updates, play their favorite music, enjoy skills, and more.

Moreover, for bilingual households, there is an option to allow Alexa to respond in either English or Spanish, depending on which language a question was asked.

Alexa Speaks Spanish

According to Amazon, the new support also introduces local knowledge and hundreds of skills, including those from brands like Univision and Telemundo.

To complement Alexa's new language, the e-commerce site created Latin music playlists titled "Sin Filtro," "Tierra Tropical," "Puro Reggaeton," and "Fierro Pariente" via Amazon Music.

Users can activate the Spanish mode of their Echo and Alexa Built-In devices by choosing "Español (Estados Unidos)" in the Alexa app.

The addition of Spanish to consumers in the United States does not come as a surprise. Earlier this year, Amazon launched a voice model kit that allowed developers to build skills aimed toward users who speak Spanish.

Alexa is also not the first digital assistant to learn to speak Spanish. Both its competitors, the Google Assistant and Apple's Siri offer Spanish and many other languages to users.

 Spanish is the second most dominant language in the United States after English. A total of 48.6 million speak Spanish across the country.

Alexa Becomes Multilingual

Another new feature of Alexa is the multilingual option that allows the digital assistant to understand commands in two languages. For example, if the user asks a question in Spanish, Alexa will respond in Spanish. However, if a command is made in English, then Alexa would respond in English.

"With billions of people in the world speaking more than one language, many homes are not homogenous when it comes to languages anymore," the e-commerce company said during an event last month.

The multilingual mode will also be available to users in Canada (Canadian English and French) and India (Indian English and Hindi). The e-commerce company has not divulged when the new feature will be fully rolled out.

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