The world's largest e-commerce marketplace will not pass up on the opportunity to generate sales for this coming Black Friday.
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On Nov. 29, major retailers will go head-to-head and offer the best deals for Black Friday shoppers. The world's largest e-commerce marketplace, Amazon, is sure to jump in the fray.  

Amazon is currently holding a Countdown to Black Friday Deals Week Sale. They are offering Lightning Deals throughout the day, until Nov. 15. Shoppers can get huge discounts for all sorts of categories, including electronics, toys & games, wearables, and more.

With Amazon's Countdown to Black Friday Deals Week Sale, find out how much you can save for their Top 10 Best-Selling Devices.

10. Echo Buds

Amazon's newly released wireless earbuds, Echo Buds, is the rival of Apple's AirPods. It boasts noise reduction technology, five hours of music playback per charge, and premium speaker drivers.

Alexa is built into these earbuds, so users can issue commands to the virtual assistant for a fully hands-free experience. The wireless earbuds also support access to Siri and Google Assistant.

Although there are no Black Friday deals available for Echo Buds yet, interested customers can purchase them for $129.99. This price is about half as much as the new AirPods Pro.

9. Fire 7 Tablet

Amazon released the Fire tablet series last 2015. This budget tablet has 7 inches of IPS display, 16/32 GB of internal storage, and 1 GB of RAM. The hardware has been upgraded to a faster 1.3 GHz quad-core processor to allow efficient reading, streaming, and web browsing. Alexa is also built into its system.

Since Amazon released the Fire tablet series in 2015, its price has not budged from $49.99. There are no available deals yet for the Fire 7 Tablet, but in last year's Black Friday Sale, its price dropped to $29.99

8. Ring Rechargeable Battery Pack

For users who rely on batteries to power their smart devices, the Ring rechargeable battery pack is a must-have. It offers easy charging; users will simply press the quick-release tab and connect the battery pack to a USB cable. There is no need to move the device at all.

It can power a wide range of devices for up to six months, including Ring Video Doorbell 2, Spotlight Cam Battery, Spotlight Cam Solar, Peephole Cam, and all generations of Stick Up Cam Battery.

With just $29, smart homes can now have backup battery power.

7. Smart Plug

Ever wondered how Alexa can schedule lights and turn appliances on and off? Amazon's Smart Plug works in tandem with Alexa to control electrical sockets.

It is fairly easy to use. Plug in Amazon's Smart Plug into an electrical socket, open the Alexa app, then use voice control. It is definitely a staple for those who run smart homes.

The Smart Plug is currently priced at $24.99. However, Amazon offered an awesome deal for the Smart Plug as part of their 2018 Black Friday sale. Customers were able to purchase the Smart Plug for $5 with the purchase of any Echo device.

6. Ring Video Doorbell

For homeowners who want the convenience of seeing, hearing, and speaking to visitors from anywhere using handheld devices, the Ring Video Doorbell is the de-facto name.

This doorbell comes with a camera capable of HD video and infrared night vision. It can be connected to Alexa, enabling announcements and sending alerts when motion is detected. Customers can purchase the doorbell for $99.99.

5. Echo Auto

Echo Auto lets users connect Alexa to their cars. They can use it to make calls and schedules, play music, and many more. Using Alexa, it can stream music from Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Audible, and radio stations.

Although it might be tempting to purchase Echo Auto immediately, users must first check its compatibility with both their cars and smartphones.

As part of the Early Black Friday Sale, Amazon is offering $39.99 for Echo Auto, a $10 off from its original price, $49.99.

4. Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet

This durable device is great for parents who want their little kids to have access to educational content.

It comes with a kid-proof case with built-in stand, which is perfect for small children. Perhaps the most appealing part of the purchase is the unlimited access to Amazon Freetime for 1 year. It lets parents have access to games, books, videos, and audiobooks, while controlling what the kids can and cannot watch.

The Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet is originally priced at $99.99, but because of Amazon's Early Black Friday sale, customers can now purchase this kid-friendly tablet for $59.99

3. Echo Show 5

This device allows users to control their smart homes and communicate with loved ones through video calls, all using Alexa.

The 5.5-inch smart display can help users manage their daily activities, starting with creating morning routines, checking weather and traffic updates, listening to podcasts, managing schedules, checking security cameras, controlling lights, and many more.

With this much application, Echo Show 5 can be purchased for $89.99. However, Amazon offers a 30% discount as part of their early Black Friday deals. Shoppers can purchase the device for only $59.99

2. Echo Dot (3rd gen)

Like most smart devices, Echo Dot is a voice-controlled smart speaker that works with Alexa. The applications are pretty much the same across all Echo devices. Users can use voice control to play music, listen to news and podcasts, set alarms, make calls, and control compatible smart devices.

The 3rd-generation model is an improved version of Gen 2, with louder and richer sound quality. The handy device is part of the early Black Friday sale, with a $20 off from the original price. Customers can purchase it for $29.99, but its price went for as low as $24.00 for last year's Black Friday sale.

1. Fire TV Stick 4K

This streaming media player takes the top spot in Amazon's best-selling devices. The early Black Friday deals cut off $10.00 from its original price; it can now be purchased at $39.99. In last year's Black Friday Sale, its price went as low as $34.99.

It comes with Alexa Voice Remote, from which users launch and control content from streaming sites like Netflix, YouTube, HBO, Apple TV, and more. The 4K Ultra HD resolution and Dolby Atmos offer an immersive and high-definition streaming. Additionally, users can check the weather, check camera feeds, dim the lights, and stream music using the Alexa remote.

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